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87 Possible Causes for Lower Extremity Pain, Mild Facial Muscle Weakness

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    The patient is a 20-year-old male, with well-controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus, presenting with a short duration of bilateral lower extremity pain following a 10-day course[] The patient presented with mild facial weakness, humeral poly-hill sign, scapular winging, peroneal weakness, drop foot, pes cavus, and myoclonic epilepsy.[] This small multicenter retrospective case series provides preliminary evidence that the painful symptoms of general peripheral neuropathy in the lower extremities, as well[]

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    […] deficits from spinal cord compression Lower extremity pain and edema due to obstruction of venous and lymphatic tributaries by nodal metastasis Uremic symptoms can occur[] The patient had oral candidiasis, thin skin, multiple petechiae on the chest, a small supraclavicular fat pad and proximal muscle weakness.[] […] cord compression (paraplegia), vascular obstruction (lymphedema, pain in the lower extremities, deep vein thrombosis), ureteral obstruction (uremia), as well as sciatica[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    History review revealed that he developed profound lower extremity pain, weakness, and numbness after catching a cold 5 years ago.[] […] sensory symptoms or signs Cranial nerve involvement, especially bilateral weakness of facial muscles Recovery beginning two to four weeks after progression ceases Autonomic[] The patient subsequently developed gait imbalance and lower extremity weakness with clinical examination, cerebrospinal fluid studies, and magnetic resonance imaging of the[]

  • Bacterial Myositis

    No paresis was apparent in either lower extremity; however, he could not sit because of severe pain.[] Facial muscles are unaffected in PM and DM, but mild facial muscle weakness is common in patients with IBM.[] Fungal Myositis Most often seen in severely immunosuppressed patients Clinical presentation is similar to pyomyositis Often present with lower extremity pain and swelling[]

  • Myositis

    Answer Benign acute childhood myositis is a mild and self-limited sudden onset of lower extremity pain during or following recovery from a viral illness.[] Patients frequently have a mild weakness of facial muscles, except for the extraocular muscles.[] If there is any muscle weakness or abnormal neurologic findings, any signs of inflammation, a lack of improvement after 3 days, or asymmetrical lower extremity pain, BACM[]

  • Ischemic Peripheral Neuropathy

    In general, the patient with neurogenic claudication will lean forward on the bike in order to relieve the lower extremity pain.[] Less commonly, muscle weakness occurs in specific patterns—for example, involving only the facial, shoulder, or calf muscles—and the progress of the disease is much slower[] CASE REPORTS Case 1: A 58-year-old woman, hypertensive, presented with a 6-month history of painful ulcers in the lower extremities, associated with paresthesia and hypoesthesia[]

  • Stiff-Person Syndrome

    We report a 29-year-old patient, with left-sided chylothorax and thymoma, who presented with truncal, lower extremities stiffness and painful cramps alleviated by diazepam[] In later stages of SPS, mild atrophy and muscle weakness are likely.[] Stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a rare neuroimmunological disorder characterized by severe progressive muscle stiffness in axial and lower extremity musculature with superimposed[]

  • Cellulitis of the Foot

    During the day, she noticed mild improvement in muscle strength in the right lower extremity. She said that she had some liquids and didn't have problems swallowing.[] The right corneal reflex was absent, otherwise facial sensation was intact to pin and light touch. There was mild right facial weakness.[] No chest pain and no shortness of breath.[]

  • Spinal Demyelination

    […] episodes of pain and tingling.[] Less commonly, muscle weakness occurs in specific patterns—for example, involving only the facial, shoulder, or calf muscles—and the progress of the disease is much slower[] He presented with pain in the thoracic region and sensory disturbances in the left lower extremity followed by left hemiparesis.[]

  • Primary Lateral Sclerosis

    Patients typically present with gradual lower extremity spasticity, hyperreflexia, weakness, and pain, which may be asymmetric at onset.[] On examination, she had a spastic dysarthria with facial asymmetry. She had mild right-sided pyramidal distribution weakness.[] Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) usually presents with gradual-onset, progressive, lower-extremity stiffness and pain due to muscle spasticity.[]

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