4 Possible Causes for Lower Lid Ectropion in USA

    • Miller Dieker Syndrome
      Lower Lid Ectropion
    • Ectropion

      As the function of the lower eyelid is to protect the eye and to lead the tears into the inner corner of the eye, where they are drained away, a lower lid ectropion can result … Top of page Introduction Lower lid ectropion is a very common eyelid pathology among the elderly and often results in troublesome symptoms and ocular surface complications … Demographic data including age and sex were recorded, as were presenting symptoms described by the patient, and the baseline degree of severity of lower lid ectropion as graded[1] [2]

    • Ptosis

      Preoperative Diagnosis: Upper lid ptosis, lower lid ectropions. … Procedure performed: Upper lid ptosis repair, lower lid ectropion repair.[3]

    • Epiblepharon of Lower Lid

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