32 Possible Causes for Lupus Nephritis, Patient Appears Chronically Ill

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Class V Membranous lupus nephritis Global or segmental sub-epithelial immune deposits Class VI Advanced sclerotic lupus nephritis 90% of glomeruli globally sclerosed without[ojrd.biomedcentral.com] lupus nephritis is permanent renal damage.[clevelandclinicmeded.com] Efficacy and safety of rituximab in patients with active proliferative lupus nephritis: the Lupus Nephritis Assessment with Rituximab study.[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Lupus Cerebritis

    […] proliferative lupus nephritis with ?[mtstars.com] nephritis.[mylupusteam.com] %20cerebritis Record number: 1, Textual support number: 2 OBS lupus nephritis. 3, record 1, English, - lupus%20cerebritis Record 1, French Record 1, Domaine(s) Système nerveux[btb.termiumplus.gc.ca]

  • Chronic Glomerulonephritis

    McClusky RT: The value of renal biopsy in lupus nephritis. Arthritis Rheum 1982;25:857–867.[karger.com] Treatment of lupus nephritis in children . Pediatr Nephrol. 2000 Feb;14(2):158-66. Bakkaloglu A. Lupus nephropathy in children .[med.unc.edu] nephritis – Overall, about 20% of patients with lupus nephritis progress to CRF and ESRD in 10 years; however, patients with certain histologic variants (eg, class IV) may[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Lupus Nephritis

    All patients with Lupus nephritis have proteinuria.[lupus-support.org.uk] […] and sclerosing lupus nephritis Class III (C) : Chronic inactive lesions with glomerular scars: Focal sclerosing lupus nephritis Class IV : Diffuse lupus nephritis Active[kidneypathology.com] […] proliferative lupus nephritis Class III Focal lupus nephritis Class IV Diffuse segmental (IV-S) or global (IV-G) lupus nephritis Class V Membranous lupus nephritis Class[slideshare.net]

  • Disseminated Cryptococcosis

    In January 2014, SLE evolved to grade IV lupus nephritis and thrombotic microangiopathy; therefore, she was required intermittent hemodialysis and was receiving prednisone[pagepress.org]

  • Pulmonary Nocardiosis

    Systemic lupus erythematosus was considered. Type ΙV lupus nephritis was also determined with a kidney biopsy.[archivesofrheumatology.org] Pulmonary nocardiosis in a patient with lupus nephritis. Jpn J Chest Dis 2002;61:820-6. Shibuya Y, Horimi T, Okabayashi T, et al.[jtd.amegroups.com] A 45-year-old woman on corticosteroid therapy for systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis was infected with Nocardia spp.[journals.plos.org]

  • Renal Amyloidosis

    The patient was admitted to the Internal Medicine Department to evaluate the etiology of the nephrotic syndrome, among which the possibilities were: lupus nephritis, amyloidosis[scielo.br]

  • Congenital Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

    The fifth was a case report of lupus vasculitis without nephritis in a child with congenital HIV [ 4 ].[ped-rheum.biomedcentral.com] In four of those cases, the child developed lupus nephritis, but no other clinical manifestation of SLE [ 1 – 3 ].[ped-rheum.biomedcentral.com] View Article Google Scholar D'Agati V, Seigle R: Coexistance of AIDS and lupus nephritis: a case report. Am J Nephrol. 1990, 10: 243-247.[ped-rheum.biomedcentral.com]

  • Nocardia Infection

    A 45-year-old woman on corticosteroid therapy for systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis was infected with Nocardia spp.[journals.plos.org]

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

    nephritis), liver, or pancreas Cancer of the lymphatic tissue (occurs in up to 5% of patients with the disease) What causes Sjögren's syndrome?[clevelandclinic.org] […] and insidious, subtle, waning and waxing in SS; the associated autoimmune features—for example, rash, serositis, polyarthritis or nephritis in lupus in contrast with sicca[ard.bmj.com] […] loss, difficulty concentrating or confusion Gastrointestinal problems, such as acid reflex, bloating, abdominal pain, or diarrhea Inflammation of the lungs, kidneys (unlike lupus[clevelandclinic.org]

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