74 Possible Causes for Lupus Nephritis, Pneumococcal Pneumonia

  • Lipoid Nephrosis

    The natural history and treatment of lupus nephritis, in Lewis EJ, Schwartz MM, Korbet SM (eds): Lupus Nephritis. Oxford, Oxford University Press 1999;pp 185-218. 31.[sjkdt.org] With one stroke, the introduction of penicillin removed from the medical scene the 'friend of the aged' - lobar pneumonia.[books.google.com] Complications Atherosclerosis and related heart diseases Renal vein thrombosis Acute renal failure Chronic renal failure Infections, including pneumococcal pneumonia Malnutrition[lymphedemapeople.com]

  • Nephritis

    […] and sclerosing lupus nephritis Class III (C) : Chronic inactive lesions with glomerular scars: Focal sclerosing lupus nephritis Class IV : Diffuse lupus nephritis Active[kidneypathology.com] pneumonia, infective endocarditis.[patient.info] […] proliferative lupus nephritis Class III Focal lupus nephritis Class IV Diffuse segmental (IV-S) or global (IV-G) lupus nephritis Class V Membranous lupus nephritis Class[slideshare.net]

  • Acute Nephritis

    Disease Lupus nephritis Lupus nephritis is a kidney disorder which is a complication of systemic lupus erythematosus.[scripps.org] Typhoid fever, MRSA (methicillin resistant Streptococcus aureus), pneumococcal pneumonia, infective endocarditis and secondary syphilis are commonly seen to lead to acute[ic.steadyhealth.com] pneumonia, infective endocarditis.[patient.info]

  • Ataxia Telangiectasia

    Nephritis Pias1 Arsenic Poisoning , Brain Injuries , focal segmental glomerulosclerosis , Skin Diseases Ppm1d Brain Stem Neoplasms , Breast Neoplasms , glioma , INTELLECTUAL[rgd.mcw.edu] Patients with A-T who do not need immunoglobulin should receive all standard immunizations, as well as yearly influenza vaccine and a pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine every[primaryimmune.org] Nephritis Otub1 Lymphoma Atm Lymphoma, B-Cell Atm , Kat5 Lymphoma, Mantle-Cell Atm Lymphoma, T-Cell, Cutaneous Atm Lymphoma, T-Cell, Peripheral Atm Mammary Neoplasms, Animal[rgd.mcw.edu]

  • Renal Parenchymal Disease

    […] experience a renal parenchymal disease known as lupus nephritis.) - kidney stones - Diabetes - high blood pressure - autoimmune disorders (this is why Immunotherapy is applied[kidneyservicechina.com] pneumonia, infective endocarditis.[patient.info] Studies estimate that up to 50% of patients diagnosed with lupus erythematosus experience a renal parenchymal disease known as lupus nephritis .[wisegeek.org]

  • Renal Fibroma

    […] major clinical and histopathologic findings associated with renal involvement by the following systemic diseases: diabetes mellitus amyloidosis gout multiple myeloma Discuss lupus[web.duke.edu] With one stroke, the introduction of penicillin removed from the medical scene the 'friend of the aged' - lobar pneumonia.[books.google.com] nephritis in terms of: etiology and pathogenesis clinical presentation nomenclature, morphologic features, and prognosis of each of the five classes Discuss the clinical[web.duke.edu]

  • Post-Infectious Glomerulonephritis

    , lupus nephritis, ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV), and membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN).[karger.com] Glomerulonephritis associated with acute pneumococcal pneumonia: a case report. Pediatr Nephrol 2005;20:1494–1495. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 91.[link.springer.com] nephritis, thin basement membrane nephropathy.[starship.org.nz]

  • Familial Juvenile Hyperuricemic Nephropathy Type 2

    , Systemic Lupus Erythematosis Lupus Kidney Disease, Lupus Nephritis Lupus Nephritis with Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody Seropositivity Lupus Podocytopathy Lyme Disease-Associated[kidney.nyc] It may be caused by pneumococcal pneumoniae or HIV, complement dysregulation, drugs (quinine, calcineurin inhibitors, chemotherapy), other pathologies (malignancy, systemic[nephronpower.com] Proximal Tubulopathy Liddle Syndrome Lightwood-Albright Syndrome Lipoprotein Glomerulopathy Lithium Nephrotoxicity LMX1B Mutations Cause Hereditary FSGS Loin Pain Hematuria Lupus[kidney.nyc]

  • Nocardia Infection

    A 45-year-old woman on corticosteroid therapy for systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis was infected with Nocardia spp.[journals.plos.org] Pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention of pneumococcal pneumonia. Lancet. Oct 31 2009;374(9700):1543-56. Wiggins KJ, Craig JC, Johnson DW, Strippoli GF.[globalrph.com]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    nephritis or minimal change disease.[prnewswire.com] Because of their predilection for S. pneumoniae infection, polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine should be administered to children over two years of age.[hawaii.edu] It generally affects more men than women although lupus nephritis is common in women. It affects more adult than children with an estimated adult:child ratio of 26:1.[symptoma.com]

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