170 Possible Causes for Lupus Nephritis, Skin Plaque

  • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

    What is lupus nephritis? There are two types of lupus.[kidney.org] It is characterized by the presence of discoid skin plaques showing varying degrees of edema, erythema, scaliness, follicular plugging, and skin atrophy.[sideeffects.embl.de] […] of discoid skin plaques showing varying degrees of edema, erythema, scaliness, follicular plugging, and skin atrophy; lesions are surrounded by an elevated erythematous border[icd10data.com]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Class V Membranous lupus nephritis Global or segmental sub-epithelial immune deposits Class VI Advanced sclerotic lupus nephritis 90% of glomeruli globally sclerosed without[ojrd.biomedcentral.com] Other skin problems that occur include large red, circular rashes (plaques), which may scar (called discoid lupus). Skin rashes are usually aggravated by sunlight.[my.clevelandclinic.org] Skin lesions begin as erythematous plaques and progress to atrophic scars. They cluster in light-exposed areas of the skin, such as the face, scalp, and ears.[merckmanuals.com]

  • Lupus Vulgaris

    […] for Lupus Nephritis: The Cyclofa-Lune Study More results Broader term(s) : - Tuberculosis - Mycobacterium Infections - Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections - Bacterial Infections[hon.ch] Signs and symptoms [ edit ] It begins as painless reddish-brown nodules which slowly enlarge to form irregularly shaped red plaque . [3] Lupus vulgaris, changes in skin in[en.wikipedia.org] The characteristic lesion is a reddish-brown plaque, composed of nodules which show an ‘apple-jelly’ colour when pressed with a glass spatula (diascopy).[dermis.net]

  • Cutaneous Atypical Mycobacterial Infection

    Lupus nephritis (WHO grade IV) was confirmed on renal biopsy (activity index 17/24, chronicity index 3/12).[academic.oup.com] Following the injury, a progressively expanding, pruritic, erythematous, keloid skin plaque with pustules gradually developed to involve the right lower limb.[nzma.org.nz] […] soft tissue disease Disseminated disease Skin infection tends to result in crusted nodules and plaques .[dermnetnz.org]

  • Iatrogenic Cushing's Disease

    nephritis was made.[omicsonline.org] After much discussion concerning the advisability of performing a renal biopsy in a child with a solitary kidney, the biopsy was performed and a diagnosis of a lupus-like[omicsonline.org]

  • Polyserositis

    In leukemia, a wide spectrum of skin lesions including papules, macules, plaques, or nodules which may be skin-colored to erythematous or violaceous colored, generalized urticaria[ccij-online.org] Cutaneous solitary or multiple lesions of varied morphology, manifesting as leukemia cutis occurs as a result of neoplastic leukocytic infiltration of the skin.[ccij-online.org]

  • Intestinal Polyposis

    The skin hyperpigmentation is usually manifested in the form of brown macules and plaques on the dorsal surface of the hands, palms, face, neck, and soles.[file.scirp.org]

  • ADan Amyloidosis

    Our study indicates that MGN was the most common primary GN, followed by IgAN, while lupus nephritis was the most common secondary GN, followed by hypertensive glomerulosclerosis[sjkdt.org] Skin Involvement of the skin is one of the most characteristic manifestations of primary (AL) amyloidosis.[perthhaematology.com.au] Among biopsies that showed secondary GN, lupus nephritis was the most common (11.7%), followed by hypertensive glomerulosclerosis (10.3%), crescentic GN (7.1%), diabetic nephropathy[sjkdt.org]

  • Generalized Lipodystrophy

    […] structures (pink arrow), which are characteristic of lupus nephritis (electron micrograph courtesy of Dr.[cjasn.asnjournals.org] Spectrum of lupus nephritis in patients with insulin-resistant diabetes as a result of autoantibodies to insulin receptors.[cjasn.asnjournals.org] More than 50% of these patients have clinical proteinuria, and the most common pathology seen is consistent with one of the forms of lupus nephritis ( Figure 4 ) ( 4 , 6 ,[cjasn.asnjournals.org]

  • Hypersensitivity

    nephritis Systemic lupus erythematosus Extrinsic allergic alveolitis ( hypersensitivity pneumonitis ) IgG ( Complement ) Neutrophils Antibody (IgG) binds to soluble antigen[en.wikipedia.org] Anders HJ and Fogo AB (2014) Immunopathology of lupus nephritis. Seminars in Immunopathology 36: 443–459.[els.net] . , systemic lupus erythematosus, Arthus reaction), kidneys ( e.g. , lupus nephritis), lungs ( e.g. , aspergillosis ), blood vessels ( e.g. , polyarteritis ), joints ( e.g[microbiologybook.org]

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