8 Possible Causes for Lymph Node Biopsy showing Reed-Sternberg Cells

  • Hodgkin's Disease

    Hodgkin's Disease and Agent Orange Veterans who develop Hodgkin's disease (also called Hodgkin's lymphoma) and were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service do not have to prove a connection between their disease and service to be eligible to receive VA health care and disability[…][publichealth.va.gov]

  • Scalene Node Biopsy

    Peripheral smear will show lymphocytosis and eosinophilia. Lymph node biopsy will show Reed Sternberg’s cell.[medcaretips.com]

  • Inguinal Adenopathy

    Peripheral smear will show lymphocytosis and eosinophilia. Lymph node biopsy will show Reed Sternberg’s cell.[medcaretips.com]

  • Lymphomatoid Papulosis

    Inguinal lymph nodes biopsied in 1975 showed diagnostic ReedSternberg cells in a mixed cellular infiltrate, characteristic of mixed-cellularity Hodgkin's disease ( Fig. 4A[nejm.org] ReedSternberg Cells in a Lymph Node Obtained in 1975, When the Patient Had Hodgkin's Disease.[nejm.org] Panel A shows an abnormal lymphoid nodule surrounded by fibrosis ( 10.5), Panel B ReedSternberg cells populating a lymphoid nodule (μ315), and Panel C anaplastic tumor cells[nejm.org]

  • Subacute Cerebellar Degeneration

    CT guided biopsy was undertaken to collect samples for histology. Histology showed Reed-Sternberg cells (Figure 1).[legacy.cambridgemedicine.org] The biopsy showed Reed-Sternberg cells and the diagnosis of non-hodgkins lymphoma with associated paraneoplastic cerebellar ataxia was made.[legacy.cambridgemedicine.org] CT guided biopsy of the paraspinal lymph nodes was undertaken.[legacy.cambridgemedicine.org]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    Picture shows: Biopsy of a lymph node w/ Reed-Sternberg Cells Lymphomas 1.[quizlet.com] Hodgkin's Lymphoma -REED-STERNBERG CELLS: * Dx is by lymph node biopsy showing them -There can be a slight-to-moderate neutrophilia -Lymphocytopenia can occur early & become[quizlet.com]

  • Bone Marrow Infiltration of Lymphoma

    Immunohistochemistry done on the lymph node biopsy showed CD 15 and CD 30 positivity in the neoplastic cells.[cancerjournal.net] Figure 1: BMA smear shows a characteristic diagnostic reed sternberg cell (arrow) (Leishman stain, 400), inset magnifi ed view (Leishman stain, 1000) Click here to view Figure[cancerjournal.net]

  • Lymph Node Hyperplasia

    Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells, if positive for CD20, are often associated with focal and dim pattern.[hemepathreview.com] The large atypical cells are positive for CD15, CD30, and negative for CD45, CD3, and CD20 (consistent with the expected pattern for Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells).[hemepathreview.com] […] are positive for CD15, CD30 (both with a membrane -Golgi pattern), PAX-5 (weak stain), and negative for CD3, CD20, CD45, ALK-1 (consistent with the pattern for Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg[hemepathreview.com]

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