787 Possible Causes for Lymphangioma

  • Lymphangioma Circumscriptum

    See also benign lymphangiomas after surgery and radiation therapy , and lymphangioma of the groin .[regionalderm.com] Lymphangioma Figure 3. Lymphangioma. Multiple dilated lymphatic vessels in the dermis.[dermatologyadvisor.com] Lymphangioma Circumscriptum is the most common type of lymphangioma affecting the skin.[dovemed.com]

  • Macroglossia

    […] hypo-thyroidism, cystic hygroma, Down syndrome, ectopic thyroid, glycogen storage disease, type II–Pompe's disease, hemangioma–of tongue, Hurler syndrome, intestinal duplication, lymphangioma[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Causes of true macroglossia include congenital and acquired causes Congenital causes:- Idiopathic muscle hypertrophy Lymphangioma Hemangioma Down syndrome Trisomy 22 Laband[dentaltipsforall.com] […] arteritis Iatrogenic Neurofibromatosis Pemphigus vulgaris Sarcoidosis Uremia Trauma Biting Hemorrhage Intubation Radiation therapy Surgery Neoplastic Carcinoma Hemangioma Lymphangioma[pediatriceducation.org]

  • Maffucci Syndrome

    However, hemangiomas and lymphangiomas are not seen in Ollier disease.[en.wikipedia.org] Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings were also consistent with a hemangioma-lymphangioma complex.[ijdvl.com] Key words: Maffucci syndrome, enchondroma, hemangioma, lymphangioma, hemangioendothelioma.[scopemed.org]

  • Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome
  • Measles
  • Glossitis

    Abstract The eight children in this series had a syndrome of lingual capillary lymphangioma complicated by glossitis.[pediatrics.aappublications.org] Three with major lymphangiomas of the tongue and subglottic areas became symptom-free following surgical removal of the major lesion and electrodesiccation of the hemorrhagic[pediatrics.aappublications.org]

  • Cervicofacial Actinomycosis

    Cervicofacial actinomycosis mimicking lymphangioma circumscriptum.[e-ijd.org] Figure 1: Grouped translucent pink spongy papulovesicular and nodular lesions simulating lymphangioma Click here to view A differential diagnosis of lymphangioma circumscriptum[e-ijd.org] Keywords: Cervicofacial actinomycosis, lymphangioma, mimicker How to cite this article: Kura MM, Rane VK.[e-ijd.org]

  • Lymphangioma

    • Mainly in adults • Lymphangioma circumscriptum and cavernous lymphangioma • Predominantly in infants and children Sites • Lymphangioma circumscriptum • Proximal limb and[tumorsurgery.org] What are the Causes of Lymphangioma?[dovemed.com] Macrocystic lymphangiomas Macrocystic lymphangiomas contain cysts measuring more than 2 cm 3 in volume.[en.wikipedia.org]

  • Phrenic Nerve Palsy

    Key Words: Cavernous lymphangioma ; Diaphragmatic plication ; Phrenic nerve palsy ; Weaning[kjccm.org] This is a case of 2-months-old infant who had phrenic nerve palsy after the removal of cavernous lymphangioma of the chest.[kjccm.org] Successful Weaning after Diaphragmatic Plication in an Infant with Phrenic Nerve Palsy Resulting from Removal of Cavernous Lymphangioma Department of Anesthesiology, Yonsei[kjccm.org]

  • Cystic Lymphangioma

    Cystic lymphangioma.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Lymphangiography was mentioned as a useful tool as well for some types of lymphangiomas.[symptoma.com] (Lymphangioma circumscriptum and cavernous lymphangioma are the other two types).[knowcancer.com]

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