109 Possible Causes for Lymphangitis in USA

    • Insect Bite

      Complications of insect bites A secondary bacterial infection, such as cellulitis , lymphangitis, or impetigo , can result if the bite area is scratched and the skin is broken[1]

    • Lymphangitis

      Chronic lymphangitis Lymphadenopathy Lymphangitis carcinomatosa … Chronic lymphangitis is a cutaneous condition that is the result of recurrent bouts of acute bacterial lymphangitis. … For discussion of the condition in horses, see Equine Lymphangitis.[2]

    • Skin Infection

      Lymphatic channels and regional lymph nodes are involved; lymphangitis is more common in cellulitis and deeper wound infections. … Redness, heat, edema, and streaking lymphangitis are hallmarks of the more acute, toxic forms of streptococcal skin and wound infections.[3]

    • Granuloma Inguinale
    • Eczema
    • Glanders
    • Pediatric Chronic Granulomatous Disease
    • Fever

      […] as a vaccine, antineoplastic, or antibiotic. elephantoid fever a recurrent acute febrile condition occurring with filariasis; it may be associated with elephantiasis or lymphangitis[4]

    • Pruritic Rash
    • Filariasis

      Acute filarial lymphangitis (AFL) – This is caused by dying adult worms in a human body, either spontaneously or due to treatment. … However, these persons may manifest hypersensitivity reactions to the developing larvae: eosoinophilic infiltrate with lymphangitis and lymphadenitis, urticarial and rash. … […] be detected using blood smears (drop of blood is placed on a slide, stained with a special dye and looked at using a microscope).For those who have symptoms: Acute adeno-lymphangitis[5]


    Lymphangitis is an inflammation of the lymphatic vessels. It often occurs together with lymphadenitis.

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