1,573 Possible Causes for Lymphocyte Disorder

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    In the later stages of the disorder, the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes may steadily increase in size.[rarediseases.org] The effects of other viruses or lymphocyte disorders can also often be estimated by counting the numbers of lymphocytes present in the blood .[en.wikipedia.org] Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a disorder in which the lymphocytes lose their normal ability to die and end up accumulating over time.[ucsfhealth.org]

  • Lymphoproliferative Disorder

    Definition : A disorder characterized by proliferation of lymphocytes at various stages of differentiation.[sideeffects.embl.de] Lymphoproliferative disorders ( LPDs ) refer to several conditions in which lymphocytes are produced in excessive quantities.[en.wikipedia.org] In those with a lymphoproliferative disorder, increased lymphocytes in the bloodstream can lead to the enlargement of the lymph nodes and the spleen.[wisegeek.org]

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    ) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Acute Myeloid Leukemia Amyloidosis Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Hemophilia Hodgkin[healthcare.utah.edu] Call your provider if you develop symptoms of this disorder. If you have NHL, call your provider if you experience persistent fever or other signs of infection.[medlineplus.gov] Ovarian Cancer Vaginal Cancer Vulvar Cancer Head & Neck Oral Cancer Paranasal Sinus & Nasal Cavity Cancer Salivary Gland Cancer Thyroid Cancer Hematologic (Blood Cancers & Disorders[healthcare.utah.edu]

  • Castleman Disease

    […] body’s excess production of B lymphocytes, resulting in swollen or tumorous lymph nodes, glands, or organs.[disability-benefits-help.org] Lymphoproliferative disorder: a disorder involving the abnormally rapid production (proliferation) of lymphocytes.[cdcn.org] MCD is a rare blood disorder with high morbidity in which lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, are over-produced, leading to enlarged lymph nodes.[jnj.com]

  • Prolymphocytic Leukemia

    Leukemia: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Epidemiology: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most common (2.7/100,000 incidence) of the chronic lymphoproliferative disorders[med-ed.virginia.edu] T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL) is a rare, aggressive, mature T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder.[ajcp.oxfordjournals.org] T cell Chronic Lymphoid Proliferations T cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia T prolymphocytic leukemia T g lymphocytosis syndrome These disorders are relatively rare and some[med-ed.virginia.edu]

  • Hairy Cell Leukemia

    Proposal for a scoring system to distinguish HCL from B-cell disorders with hairy or villous lymphocytes.[atlasgeneticsoncology.org] See Dry tap . hair·y cell leu·ke·mi·a ( hār'ē sel lū-kē'mē-ă ) A rare, usually chronic disorder characterized by proliferation of hairy cells in reticuloendothelial organs[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Del Giudice I, Matutes E, Morilla R et al (2004) The diagnostic value of CD123 in B-cell disorders with hairy or villous lymphocytes. Haematologica 89:303–308 11.[springermedizin.de]

  • Intestinal Lymphoma

    […] infiltration. [14] , [17] Hence, it is not hard to imagine why all of our and many of the published cases were misdiagnosed as celiac disease or an inflammatory disorder,[journals.plos.org] […] eosinophilia and epithelioid granulomas have been reported in the small intestine and other organs of individuals with these lymphomas, at times in the absence of significant lymphocytic[journals.plos.org]

  • Primary HIV Infection

    Lindbäck, Stefan ab ; Thorstensson, Rigmor a ; Karlsson, Annika C. c ; Sydow, Madeleine von d ; Flamholc, Leo e ; Blaxhult, Anders f ; Sönnerborg, Anders bc ; Biberfeld, Gunnel a ; Gaines, Hans ab for the Karolinska Institute Primary HIV Infection Study Group EPIDEMIOLOGY & SOCIAL Abstract Author Information Article[…][pdfs.journals.lww.com]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Lymphocytosis is characteristic of this disorder and the lymphocyte morphology is often atypical. The cytology of the cells could be mistaken for neoplastic lymphocytes.[microbiologybook.org] The lymphocytes in this blood smear from an 18-month-old child with a Bordetella pertussis infection have lobulated nuclei.[microbiologybook.org] […] function (notably, multiple myeloma and hypogammaglobulinemia), and immunosuppressive disorders.[microbiologybook.org]

  • Sirolimus

    disorder that may lead to cancer.[chp.edu] When any immunosuppressive drug is used, and especially when immunosuppressive agents are combined, there is the risk of infection and the possible development of PTLD, a lymphocyte[chp.edu]

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