88 Possible Causes for Lymphocytic Gastritis

  • Hypertrophic Gastritis

    Lymphocytic gastritis: a rare disorder of the gastric mucosa. Pathologe. 2001;22:56-61. Hayat M, et al.[rarediseases.org] […] diagnosis The condition needs to be differentiated from other forms of hypertrophic gastropathy such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome , hypertrophic hypersecretory gastropathy, lymphocytic[patient.info] Differential diagnosis Differential diagnoses include Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (see this term), hypertrophic hypersecretory gastropathy, hypertrophic lymphocytic gastritis[orpha.net]

  • Gastropathy

    Lymphocytic gastritis A diagnosis of lymphocytic gastritis can only be made on histology, but many patients have the endoscopic features of varioliform gastritis with mucosal[cmej.org.za] Menetrier disease Zollinger Ellison syndrome Special types Collagenous Lymphocytic Eosinophilic gastroenteritis Granulomatous Vascular Gastric vascular antral ectasia (GAVE[surgpathcriteria.stanford.edu] The disease is characterised by an infiltrate of lymphocytes in the lamina propria with large numbers of lymphocytes among the epithelial cells lining the surface and foveolae[cmej.org.za]

  • Gastrointestinal Disorder

    Patient 4 had very high numbers of IEL in the duodenum (100%) and displayed lymphocytic gastritis.[journals.plos.org] Duodenal lymphocytosis was defined by counts of intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL) over 30 per 100 duodenal epithelial cells (EC), lymphocytic gastritis by IEL counts over[journals.plos.org] Similarly, two AIE patients (9 and 10) with increased numbers of duodenal IEL also had lymphocytic gastritis and/or colitis ( Table 1 ).[journals.plos.org]

  • Delayed Gastric Emptying

    […] gastroenteritis, lymphocytic gastritis, celiac disease , Crohn’s disease , vasculitis) The term gastroparesis is ambiguous because it implies a specific condition — paralysis[chop.edu] H. pylori gastritis, cytomegalovirus [CMV] gastritis, bacterial overgrowth) Medication side effect Significant non-infectious gastroduodenal inflammation (e.g. eosinophilic[chop.edu]

  • Transverse Myelitis

    Additional gastroscopy revealed subtotal villous atrophy in the duodenal biopsies and lymphocytic gastritis according to Marsh IIIb.[pediatrics.aappublications.org] Gastroscopy revealed villous atrophy in the duodenal biopsies and lymphocytic gastritis according to Marsh IIIb, compatible with celiac disease (CD).[pediatrics.aappublications.org]

  • Juvenile Polyp

    The biopsies excluded H. pylori infection and lymphocytic gastritis.[em-consulte.com] Biopsies taken from both the gastric body and the antral areas were interpreted as foveolar hyperplasia and excluded H. pylori infection and lymphocytic gastritis.[em-consulte.com]

  • Collagenous Sprue

    One case was associated with lymphocytic gastritis. Celiac disease (CD, gluten-sensitive enteropathy) was documented in 4 patients.[experts.umich.edu] Autoimmune disorders were seen in 12 of 19 (63%) patients and microscopic colitis ( n 7), lymphocytic gastritis ( n 2) or collagenous gastritis ( n 2) were seen in nine patients[nature.com] Seven cases were associated with collagenous colitis and 1 also had features of lymphocytic colitis. Three patients also had collagen deposition in gastric biopsies.[experts.umich.edu]

  • Lymphocytic Gastritis

    […] one showed lymphocytic gastritis.[thedoctorsdoctor.com] […] collagenous colitis. 4,8) There have been reports of adult patients with collagenous gastritis having associated lymphocytic gastritis , lymphocytic colitis, ulcerative gastritis[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Advertisement Stomach Gastritis Lymphocytic gastritis Authors : Elliot Weisenberg, M.D.[pathologyoutlines.com]

  • Gastritis Medicamentosa

    However many patients with lymphocytic gastritis are serologically negative for H pylori. Proceed to emergency room or your primary if you can get in same day.[banksuenden.eu] […] gastropathy • Gastritis medicamentosa • Hypertrophic glandular gastritis • Irritant gastritis • Isolated granulomatous gastritis • Lymphocytic gastritis • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory[coding-pro.com] […] gastropathy Gastric erosion Gastritis medicamentosa Hypertrophic glandular gastritis Irritant gastritis Isolated granulomatous gastritis Lymphocytic gastritis Non-steroidal[emedcodes.com]

  • Emphysematous Gastritis

    gastritis Hypertrophic glandular gastritis Irritant gastritis Isolated granulomatous gastritis Lymphocytic gastritis Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug -associated gastropathy[icd9data.com] […] medicamentosa Gastritis, allergic Gastritis, chronic antral without hemorrhage Gastritis, Helicobacter pylori Gastritis, irritant Gastritis, pylorus H pylori gastritis Helicobacter-associated[icd9data.com] Cytomegaloviral gastritis Cytomegalovirus (CMV) gastritis Dietetic gastritis Emphysematous gastritis Eosinophilic gastritis Erosive gastritis Erosive gastropathy Gastric erosion Gastritis[icd9data.com]

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