251 Possible Causes for Lymphocytosis in USA

    • Influenza
      Lymphocytes Increased
    • Follicular Lymphoma
      Lymphocytosis Lymphocytes Increased

      Marrow involvement common (85% have paratrabecular lymphoid aggregates); with marrow involvement, 40% have tumor cells in blood, which may resemble CLL 10% have peripheral lymphocytosis … These may be memory B cells, circulating after initial stimulation In rare cases, can see pronounced peripheral blood B lymphocytosis (often secondary to infection), with … Lymphocytosis, reflecting blood involvement, may also be present.[1] [2] [3]

    • Pharyngitis

      Lymphocytosis, along with greater than 10% atypical lymphocytes and mild thrombocytopenia, can be found in mononucleosis. … Results consistent with the diagnosis Peripheral white blood cell (WBC) count with differential: expect neutrophil predominance for strep throat and lymphocytosis for mononucelosis … However, infectious mononucleosis is more common in persons 10 to 30 years of age and is associated with fatigue, posterior cervical adenopathy, and atypical lymphocytosis[4] [5]

    • Infectious Mononucleosis
      Lymphocytes Increased

      Blood smear may reveal lymphocytosis. … Blood work usually reveals presence of lymphocytosis and the diagnosis is confirmed with the Monospot test. … Lymphocytosis and thrombocytopenia alone are not confirmative for infectious mononucleosis because such a finding can be seen with many other noninfectious causes (malignancies[6]

    • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
      Lymphocytes Increased

      Stage III: Absolute lymphocytosis with anemia is present. … Stage I: Lymphocytosis along with lymphadenopathy is present. … Stage IV: Absolute lymphocytosis with thrombocytopenia (<100,000/mm3).[7]

    • Syphilis
      Lymphocytes Increased
    • Viral Hepatitis
      Lymphocytes Increased

      Path. 79:162- 70,1995).( lobular hepatitis). 2--more common lymphocytosis in sinusoids. 3--a strong lymphocytic infiltration of portal fields. 4--epithelial damage of portal[8]

    • Mycoplasma Infection
      Lymphocytes Increased
    • Griseofulvin
      Lymphocytes Increased
    • Rickettsialpox
      Lymphocytes Increased

      Although laboratory tests are not diagnostic, a complete blood count with differential count may reveal leukopenia with relative lymphocytosis, and thrombocytopenia while[9]

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