961 Possible Causes for Lymphocytosis

  • Influenza
  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Atypical lymphocytosis and a positive heterophile antibodies test are usually observed.[us.bestpractice.bmj.com] Atypical lymphocytes must be differentiated from abnormal lymphocytes, which are associated with lymphoreticular malignancies.[patient.info] EBV has the ability to infect B lymphocytes.[pedclerk.bsd.uchicago.edu]

  • Acute Infectious Lymphocytosis

    ACUTE infectious lymphocytosis, a clinical entity featured by a benign relative and absolute increase in the number of small mature lymphocytes, was first described in 1941[nejm.org] The morphology of the lymphocytes is discussed in detail.[bloodjournal.org] LYMPHOCYTOSIS ACUTE INFECTIOUS ( lymphocytosis ; a lymphocyte[s] - osis; late lat. infectio infection; synonym oligosymptomatic infectious lymphocytosis ) — the infectious[bigmed.info]

  • B-Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    […] nodular pattern Jessner lymphocytic infiltrate of the skin This oncology article is a stub .[en.wikipedia.org] ) Leukemoid reaction Diffuse infiltrative lymphocytosis syndrome Cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia Cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia with bandlike and perivascular patterns with[en.wikipedia.org] […] leukemia Lymphoid myeloid Acute biphenotypic leukaemia Lymphocytosis Lymphoproliferative disorders ( X-linked lymphoproliferative disease Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome[en.wikipedia.org]

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Chronic lymphocytic leukemia–stages 0 Lymphocytosis in blood, without other Sx of leukemia I Lymphocytosis; lymphadenopathy II Lymphocytosis; lymphadenopathy; hepatosplenomegaly[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] The incidence increases to 30/100 000/year at an age of 80 years.[annonc.oxfordjournals.org] “Treatment-related lymphocytosis (defined as an increase of at least 50 percent from baseline and above absolute lymphocyte count [ALC] of 5 K/µL) occurred in 61 percent ([curetoday.com]

  • Bordetella Pertussis

    Bordetella pertussis lymphocytosis.[bloodjournal.org] PTx, formerly known as lymphocytosis-promoting factor, causes a decrease in the entry of lymphocytes into lymph nodes, which can lead to a condition known as lymphocytosis[en.wikipedia.org] 10 weeks PI Partially immune individuals and infants 6 months may not manifest with typical syndrome Paroxysmal coughing may be absent Classic pertussis Inspiratory whoop Lymphocytosis[arupconsult.com]

  • Primary HIV Infection

    Even in the early phases there is often a reduction in CD4 lymphocytes, a CD8 lymphocytosis and a ratio of CD4/CD8 which is low.[patient.info] Mild anaemia, atypical lymphocytes and abnormal LFTs may also be found.[patient.info] Increasing evidence from systematic reviews and cohort analyses also indicates that untreated HIV infection may be associated with the development of several non-AIDS-defining[patient.info]

  • Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

    A lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by pleomorphic b-lymphocytes including plasma cells, with increased levels of monoclonal serum immunoglobulin m.[icd10data.com] A rare cancer of the lymph cells that causes the body to produce abnormal levels of plasma cells (plasmacytosis) and lymphocytes (lymphocytosis) in the bone marrow.[icd10data.com] A clonal neoplasm of small b-lymphocytes, lymphoplasmacytoid cells, and plasma cells involving the bone marrow, lymph nodes, and the spleen.[icd10data.com]

  • Tick-Borne Rickettsiosis

    Sometimes comes to light meningism (see) with increase in a cytosis in cerebrospinal liquid (see) to 30 — 50 leukocytes in 1 mkl (preferential lymphocytes) and a squirrel[bigmed.info] In blood also the moderate leukopenia with an eosinopenia, a neutropenia and a relative lymphocytosis is noted normotsitoz.[bigmed.info] At most of patients the liver and a spleen increase.[bigmed.info]

  • Prolymphocytic Leukemia

    TCRαβ /CD4 large granular lymphocytosis: a new clonal T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder .[ajcp.oxfordjournals.org] It was formerly called t-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.[icd10data.com] He had initially presented with a lymphocytosis detected on a routine FBC.[bloodjournal.org]

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