Possible Causes for Lytic Bone Metastasis in USA

  • Stage IV Prostate Carcinoma
    Prostate Cancer Metastasis to Bone Lytic Bone Metastasis
  • Multiple Myeloma
    Multiple Lytic Bone Lesions Lytic Bone Metastasis

    The standard workup for patients who are suspected of having multiple myeloma includes many components. The 2009 International Workshop created guidelines to standardize the investigative workup: Bone marrow biopsy and/or bone marrow aspiration Skeletal survey Standard metaphase cytogenetics MRI’s Fluorescent…[1]

  • Myelodysplasia
    Bone Metastasis

    Bone marrow studies and a complete blood count including differential and peripheral blood smear are the diagnostic tests used in MDS. Disease is staged for assessing prognosis and also for planning treatment modality. Peripheral blood smear may show single cytopenia in the early stages which may develop into…[2]

  • Aplastic Anemia
    Bone Metastasis

    In diagnosing aplastic anemia, the main procedures carried out include complete blood count, reticulocyte count and bone marrow tests. However, other tests can also be used to improve diagnosis. These include: Liver tests and viral studies (EBV, CMV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, parvovirus B19) to…[3]

  • Reticulosarcoma
    Solitary Lytic Bone Lesion Multiple Lytic Bone Lesions
  • Gaucher Disease
    Solitary Lytic Bone Lesion

    Although the diagnosis can't be made solely on physical signs, a clinical suspicion toward this condition should be made in patients where other causes have been excluded, such as lymphomas and leukemias, as well as other lysosomal storage diseases that have a similar clinical presentation. Workup starts with a…[4]

  • Cat Scratch Fever
    Solitary Lytic Bone Lesion

    The signs and symptoms of the disease are mild to moderate and are usually self-limiting. They develop after an incubatory period of 1 to 2 weeks or even longer after the initial bite. The onset of the symptoms is gradual. The salient clinical features are swollen and painful lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), in…[5]

  • Osteitis Deformans
    Solitary Lytic Bone Lesion Prostate Cancer Metastasis to Bone

    Gordon G. Metabolic bone disease in practice. Am Pract Dig Treat. 1951;2:113. Clegg J. Paget's disease. Lancet. 1937;2:128. Ashworth C. Atherosclerotic valvular disease of the heart. Arch Path. 1946;42:285. Sutton D. Mitral stenosis. M Clin North Am. 1944;28: 47. Alvarez L, Guañabens N, Peris P, et al. Discriminative value…[6]

  • African Histoplasmosis
    Solitary Lytic Bone Lesion

    African histoplasmosis is an infection caused by Histoplasma duboisii. Disease has been most often reported in Uganda, Nigeria, Zaire and Senegal. In human disease it manifests differently than histoplasmosis (caused by Histoplasma capsulatum), most often involving the skin and bones and rarely involving the…[7]

  • Plasmacytoma
    Solitary Lytic Bone Lesion

    Plasmacytomas are a mass of tumor cells that belong to the same cell lineage (monoclonal) that can be found in either the bone or soft tissue (extramedullary). They may present as single or solitary mass. Though it is a rare tumor, it later progresses to systemic disease and is considered as a singular…[8]


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