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39 Possible Causes for Lytic Metastatic Bone Lesion

  • Carcinoma of the Breast

    We describe a patient who presented with clinically aggressive, multicentric NECB with multiple metastatic lytic bone lesions.[]

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma

    References Adem K, Nassar A (2004) Fine needle aspiration of lytic bone lesions in a 63-year-old woman-pathologic diagnosis: Metastatic basal cell carcinoma to the bone in[]

  • Pathological Fracture

    A pathological fracture due to metastatic disease appears as a lytic lesion of the involved bone on plain radiograph films.[] Laboratory tests: Serum alkaline phosphatase - Typically elevated with metastatic disease involving bone lesions; it is indicative of osteoblastic response (bone destruction[] A bone biopsy will provide a definitive diagnosis. Imaging tests: A plain radiograph is the first test for the evaluation of bone integrity.[]

  • Spinal Metastasis

    Sclerosis of lytic metastatic bone lesions during treatment with pamidronate in a patient with adenocarcinoma of unknown primary site. Eur Spine J 1996; 5:198–200.[] Osteoblastic metastases T1: hypointense T2: hypointense Mixed sclerotic and lytic extradural bone lesions T1: hypointense T2: hypo- and/or hyperintense T1: intermediate to[] […] spinal tumor and has a lytic lesion in the T12 vertebral body.[]

  • Low Back Pain

    The major proportion of spinal metastatic lesions are osteolytic, but up to 50% of the bone must be eroded before there is a noticeable change on plain radiographs ( Sciubba[] Due to availability and low cost, plain radiographs have usually served as an initial screening test for spinal malignancy by revealing lytic or sclerotic areas of bone, pathologic[]

  • Bone Metastasis

    Hortobagyi et al 11 evaluated 380 metastatic breast cancer patients with lytic bone lesions on current chemotherapy treatment with either 90 mg of pamidronate monthly or placebo[] Bone is involved in approximately 20% to 30% of metastatic BCCs. 3,6 In addition to the above guidelines, other objective findings in BCC metastatic to bone have been reported[] Because many metastatic lesions in bone are considered mixed (although the lytic or the blastic phase may be predominant), therapeutic strategies that target both the osteolytic[]

  • Secondary Malignant Neoplasm of Bone

    Metastatic femoral lesion from a renal cell carcinoma.[] Multiple lesions are a characteristic feature of metastatic disease.[] […] within the same bone, and the involvement of adjacent joints.[]

  • Thyroid Cancer

    The 99mTc-sestamibi whole-body posterior image demonstrated abnormal focal uptake in the right posterior calvarium and corresponded to an occipital lytic bone lesion on the[] The patient underwent surgical resection of the skull metastasis, and pathology confirmed metastatic follicular thyroid cancer.[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    The patient presented with back and groin pain, right pelvic hemorrhage, and multiple lytic bone lesions concerning for metastatic renal cell carcinoma.[] bone lesions, paraneoplastic Parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP) secretion, or increased prostaglandin production Liver function tests (LFTS) - hepatic dysfunction[] […] can occur with or without (Stauffer Syndrome) metastatic disease to the liver 2.[]

  • Bone Tumor

    RFA of metastatic lesions involving bone is a safe procedure.[] Lastly, because of the technical inability to expand the RFA tip into the blastic metastases, we required treated lesions to be either lytic or have a lytic component.[] Because nearly all prostate cancers involving bone are blastic, this also may have contributed to the small numbers of prostate cancer patients.[]

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