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353 Possible Causes for Macroorchidism

  • Aarskog Syndrome

    Genital anomalies may include cryptorchidism, macroorchidism, shawl scrotum and, more rarely, hypospadias. Fertility is normal.[] Fryns JP, Van den Berghe H (1989) On the occurrence of macroorchidism and mental handicap in the Aarskog syndrome. J Genet Hum 37: 221-223. 21.[]

  • Fragile X Syndrome

    macroorchidism should be aware of this occurrence.[] This abnormality is expressed as a number of neuro-endocrine disorders (the adrenal axis, macroorchidism) and the emergence of significant behavioural stress.[] Afflicted individuals often have elongated features, marfanoid habitus, macroorchidism and intellectual impairment.[]

  • Greenberg Dysplasia

    Disease Type of connection Reynolds syndrome Microphthalmia with limb anomalies Atypical Rett syndrome Intellectual deficit, X-linked - psychosis - macroorchidism Rett syndrome[]

  • 10q22.3q23.3 Microdeletion Syndrome

    Omphalocele Hypoplasia of penis Dental malocclusion Low-set, posteriorly rotated ears X-linked dominant inheritance Postnatal microcephaly Prominent supraorbital ridges Macroorchidism[]

  • Familial Male-Limited Precocious Puberty

    Moreover, macroorchidism was only monolateral, as against as that generally reported in MAS boys.[] Khanna G, Kantawala K, Shinawi M, Sarwate S, Dehner LP, 2010 McCune-Albright syndrome presenting with unilateral macroorchidism and bilateral testicular masses.[] CONCLUSIONS: a) In a MAS boy presenting with unilateral macroorchidism and no other signs of PPP, a consecutive involvement of Leydig cells may follow the initially isolated[]

  • 17q11 Microdeletion Syndrome

    Affiliated tissues include bone , heart and skin , and related phenotypes are macroorchidism and thin vermilion border[]

  • Familial Multiple Meningioma

    […] hair - brachydactyly Precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome Atypical Rett syndrome Intellectual deficit, X-linked - psychosis - macroorchidism[]

  • Testicular Atrophy

    Physical features not readily recognizable in preschool-age boys become more obvious with age long face, prominent forehead, large ears, prominent jaw, and enlarged testicles (macroorchidism[]

  • Atkin Syndrome

    The males also presented with postpubertal macroorchidism. Transmission is X-linked.Visit the Orphanet disease page for more resources.[] Symptoms - Atkin syndrome Abnormality of the teeth Anteverted nares Coarse facial features Cognitive impairment Everted lower lip vermilion Macrocephaly Macroorchidism Prominent[] The males also presented with postpubertal macroorchidism. Transmission is X-linked .[]

  • XYY Syndrome

    Tall stature, macrocephaly, macroorchidism, hypotonia, hypertelorism, and tremor are the common features of the XYY phenotype.[] The XYY phenotype commonly includes tall stature, macrocephaly, macroorchidism, hypotonia, hypertelorism and tremor, in addition to cognitive and motor delays [ 2 ].[]

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