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310 Possible Causes for Macrosomia, Neonatal Hypoglycemia

  • Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

    Its clinical features are heterogeneous, including macrosomia, macroglossia, hemihyperplasia, abdominal wall defects, neonatal hypoglycemia, and increased risk of embryonal[] […] syndrome characterized by overgrowth (macrosomia), an increased risk of childhood cancer and congenital malformations Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome edit Language Label Description[] Hypoglycemia in newborns with BWS should be managed according to standard protocols for treating neonatal hypoglycemia.[]

  • Maternal Diabetes Syndrome

    […] diabetes mellitus P70.3 Iatrogenic neonatal hypoglycemia P70.4 Other neonatal hypoglycemia P70.8 Other transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn P70.9 Transitory[] macrosomia Fetal macrosomia ( 90th percentile for gestational age or 4000 g in the term infant) occurs in 15-45% of diabetic pregnancies.[] Maternal PCOS and GDM were also associated with threefold increased odds of neonatal hypoglycemia.[]

  • Diabetes in Pregnancy

    Neonatal hypoglycemia was significantly less and so was NICU stay of 24 hours in metformin group (P 0.01).[] However, women with GDM possibly exhibit greater macrosomia than obese women.[] Neonatal hypoglycemia occurred more in T1DM than T2DM and contributed to a higher rate of admission to neonatal intensive care for both groups.[]

  • Gestational Diabetes

    Main outcome measures were neonatal hypoglycemia defined as blood glucose 36 mg/dL (severe) and 47 mg/dL (mild).[] (GDM-M) comparing with patients without macrosomia; ii, increased in GDM-M comparing with NC-P group; iii, increased in GDM-M comparing with NC.[] The first one developed transient, the second persistent neonatal hypoglycemia associated with hyperinsulinemia, that needed treatment with diazoxide for 2.5 months.[]

  • Neonatal Hypoglycemia

    Out of the 100 neonates, 49% of the babies with hypoglycemia were under 37 weeks gestation and just over half of the neonates that had hypoglycemia were male.[] CONCLUSION: Diabetes was protective of neonatal hypoglycemia, which may be explained by optimum maternal glucose management; nevertheless macrosomia was independently predictive[] Fourteen infants demonstrated growth restriction, 1 had macrosomia, and 2 had mothers with diabetes mellitus.[]

  • Extreme Fetal Immaturity

    hypoglycemia P704Other neonatal hypoglycemia P708Other transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn P709Transitory disorder of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn[] […] in the third trimester of pregnancy.3 Usually, macrosomia is not seen in those mothers with more severe and longer-standing diabetes (e.g., Classes F and R).[] Incidence of neonatal hypoglycemia in babies identified as at risk.[]

  • Fetal Hypoxia

    Absent / Reverse End Diastolic Flow Risk to Neonate  More admissions to NICU  Increase ICH  Increase Anemia  Increase Hypoglycemia  Increase long term permanent neurological[] Macrosomia can be very dangerous for a baby.[] […] morbidities associated with growth restriction, including asphyxia, meconium aspiration, sepsis, hypoglycemia and malformations.[]

  • Glyburide

    However, the incidence of neonatal hypoglycemia was higher in the glyburide group compared to the insulin group.[] An increase in macrosomia in the 5 mg/day group was not significant after adjusting for maternal obesity (AOR 2.16; CI 0.96-4.88).[] Neonatal outcomes such as hypoglycemia (4.9%, 3.6%, P 0.44), hypocalcemia (1.3%, 0.7%, P 0.48), polycythemia (1.7%, 0.7%, P 0.31), macrosomia (11.6%, 8.7%, P 0.26), congenital[]

  • Fetal Malnutrition

    hypoglycemia, polycythemia, feeding intolerance, and necrotizing enterocolitis in the postnatal period were significantly higher in preterm infants with fetal malnutrition[] BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board, "Labor complication: Big baby (macrosomia)" , BabyCenter, L.L.C. , 2006. Retrieved 5 November 2010.[] hypoglycemia CNS dysfunction in newborn due to birth injury Pulmonary hemorrhage originating in the perinatal period Bronchopulmonary dysplasia originating in the perinatal[]

  • Leucine-induced Hypoglycemia

    C Leucine Causes of Persistent Neonatal Hypoglycemia (Blood glucose 4Omg/dL):- a. Hyper insulin states: - i. Beta-cell Hyper plasia (NESIDIOBLASTOSIS) ii.[] Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, hepatocerebral form , Mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency , Navajo neurohepatopathy , Nephroblastomatosis-fetal ascites-macrosomia-wilms[] Recessive mutations of these genes cause a severe form of neonatal hypoglycemia that frequently requires near-total pancreatectomy.[]

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