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213 Possible Causes for Malabsorption Syndrome, Paralytic Ileus

  • Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction

    syndrome and adhesions.[] A 6-year-old female with relapsed APL developed paralytic ileus, hyperleukocytosis, and a high fever while being treated with As(2)O(3).[] ; Paralytic ileus - pseudo-obstruction Andrews JM, Brierley SM, Blackshaw LA.[]

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

    In a 27-year old male with acute thallium poisoning, signs of initially severe sensorimotor neuropathy with complete remission after two weeks were demonstrated. Signs of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy were initially absent, but developed after a latency period of one week with marked improvement after seven[…][]

  • Intestinal Stasis

    Explore these free sample topics: -- The first section of this topic is shown below -- Basics Description Malabsorption syndrome (MAS) of unknown/infectious etiology occurring[] (adynamic) (bowel) (colon) (inhibitory) (intestine) (neurogenic) (paralytic) 560.1 myxedema 564.89 Immobile, immobility intestine 564.89 Irritability 799.22 duodenum 564.89[] The standard for diagnosis of bacterial overgrowth syndrome is quantitative culture of intestinal fluid aspirate showing a bacterial count 10 5 /mL.[]

  • Addison's Disease

    A Case of Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome (APS) Type II with Hypothyroidism, Hypoadrenalism, and Celiac Disease - A Rare Combination.[] Malabsorption with idiopathic hypoparathyroidism responding to treatment for coincident celiac sprue. Dig Dis Sci . 1982; 27 :269-273. [ PubMed ] [ DOI ] 78.[]

  • Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction

    Early postoperative complications developed in six patients with CPO; wound infection (n 3), paralytic ileus (n 2), and intraabdominal abscess (n 1).[] It can be misdiagnosed like a paralytic ileus. Early diagnosis and treatments are important steps in preventing ischemia and perforation.[] It is characterized by colonic dilatation in the absence of mechanical obstruction or any obvious causes of paralytic ileus.[]

  • Hypomagnesemia

    A more severe form is associated with malabsorption syndrome, protein malnutrition, and parathyroid disease.[] Paralytic ileus (due to smooth muscle paralysis). Weakness, followed by flaccid muscle paralysis. Disappearance of deep tendon reflexes. Respiratory depression.[] syndromes, eg. coeliac disease Short-bowel syndrome Weird congenital disorders of selective magnesium malabsorption Unclear association with low magnesium Hyperthyroidism[]

  • Ileus

    It should be borne in mind, however, that emergency ileostomy often leads to difficulties in the care of the stoma, as well as to severe malabsorption syndromes.[] Convert to ICD-10-CM : 560.1 converts approximately to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM K56.0 Paralytic ileus Or: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM K56.7 Ileus, unspecified Approximate Synonyms Ileus Ileus[] Paralytic ileus Clinical features • Paralytic ileus takes on a clinical significance if, 72 hours after laparotomy: • there has been no return of bowel sounds on auscultation[]

  • Strongyloides Stercoralis

    A case of fatal malabsorption syndrome caused by strongyloidiasis complicated with isosporiasis and human cytomegalovirus infection.[] Another potential complication is paralytic ileus secondary to hyperinfection [ 19 , 20 - 23 ].[] A worm burden in the intestines might lead to a malabsorption syndrome.[]

  • Acute Mesenteric Ischemia

    ileus, or raised serum lactate.[] Distension of the represented portions of the intestine as a sign of paralytic ileus Because mesenteric ischemia generally leads to distension of the intestinal loops, ultrasound[] […] as a : absence of defecation for more than three days after surgery, despite maximal supportive treatment, severe abdominal distension, clinical and radiologic signs of paralytic[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    As the lumen size decreases, malabsorption syndrome results. Complete obstruction of the lumen is a potentially life-threatening condition.[] BST [ ]), the rates of paralytic ileus were not significantly different (64/205[31.2%] vs. 36/105[34.3%], P   0.585).[] […] is a condition that results in malabsorption of nutrients Quick intervention is the best medicine for small bowel obstructions.[]

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