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66 Possible Causes for Malaise, Metallic Taste, Rectal Bleeding

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    taste Flushing, diarrhea, headache, palpitations, cramps Tx are histamine blockers Clinical features of ciguatera poisoning What is the most common cause of diarrhea in patients[] AG is characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms - typically fever, malaise, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea - but severity may vary widely.[] […] histamine and histamine-like substance - massive histamine surge Caused by improper preservation of refrigeration What are symptoms and onset Onset within 20-30 minutes Peppery metallic[]

  • Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

    Uraemia: signs and symptoms of kidney failure; signs and symptoms of uraemia can include nausea, vomiting, metallic taste in the mouth, muscle pain, and swelling.[] Test your knowledge A 52 year old man was transferred to the renal unit with a four day history of fatigue, shortness of breath, headache and malaise.[] On day 15, after the beginning of plasma exchange, the patient suffered a sudden malaise with neck pain.[]

  • Sinusitis

    taste, felt dried out, nasal tissue felt inflamed No serious unexpected adverse events reported Any adverse event ‐ 37% in the fluticasone group versus 20% in the placebo[] A Rare Cause of Hematochezia: Colon Mucormycosis. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol . 2012 Aug 28. [Medline] . Chawla N, Reddy SJ, Agrawal M.[] Acute sinusitis usually follows a cold and presents with nasal obstruction, facial pain, dental pain, purulent rhinorrhoea, sinus tenderness and in some cases fever and malaise[]

  • Amebiasis

    Minor side effects like nausea and metallic taste in mouth may be observed with these drugs. You may also be prescribed some medications for diarrhoea, if present.[] In cases of persistent rectal bleeding, even without diarrhea, a diagnosis of amebiasis should be considered.[] Diagnosis - can mimic appendicitis or present with weight loss and malaise - stools essentially blood and mucous - only 40% are febrile - liver abcess usually presents within[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing side effects such as a bad metallic taste, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or upset stomach.[] This may cause rectal bleeding. Infection - An intestinal infection can produce diarrhea for 1 - 3 days.[] We report the case of an 82-year-old patient, hospitalized for malaise.[]

  • Amebic Liver Abscess

    The incidence of nausea and metallic taste was significantly lower in the patients given satranidazole (P .005).[] His abdominal pain was diffuse and accompanied by mild rectal bleeding that he attributed to hemorrhoids.[] […] of the abdomen; pain is intense, continuous or stabbing Cough Fever and chills Diarrhea (in only one-third of patients) General discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling ( malaise[]

  • Erythema Nodosum

    She denied metallic taste, soreness of her teeth and gums, watery mouth, or burning of her mouth. She had slight diarrhea and nausea which she tolerated well.[] Learning/CME Learning/CME View all learning/CME CME Partial Oral versus Intravenous Antibiotic Treatment of Endocarditis Case 4-2019: An 18-Year-Old Man with Abdominal Pain and Hematochezia[] A woman in her thirties presented with a 3-week history of jaundice, malaise, itching, nausea, decreased appetite, weight loss, dark orange urine and intermittent non-radiating[]

  • Ischemic Colitis

    Headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, metallic taste in the mouth, and neuropathy Gentamicin.[] bleeding.[] Withdrawal symptoms, including fever, malaise, and joint pain, may occur if the dosage is lowered too rapidly.[]

  • Amebic Hepatitis

    Usual adverse effects of metronidazole include nausea, headache, and metallic taste. Abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness also may occur.[] Rectal bleeding: this may occasionally be the only sign, with or without tenesmus (common in children).[] A 30-year-old male experienced diarrhea for two weeks with fever of 39 C, nausea, vomiting, malaise and right upper abdominal pain.[]

  • Acute Amebic Dysentery

    Tinidazole 2g daily for five days Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, unpleasant metallic taste Paromomycin 25–35mg/kg/day in three divided doses for seven days (usually 500mg tds[] Rectal Amebiasis. A 45 year-old female, with rectal bleeding with dark red color, two ulcers are observed “flask shaped” ulcer. Download the video clip.[] Side effects: nausea, mouth metal taste and mild nervous system response. Pregnant women with caution.[]