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129 Possible Causes for Malar Flush

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  • Anxiety Neurosis

    flush Low back pain Dry stools or Constipation Possible mouth or tongue ulcers T: Red, dry C: Little or None P: Thready and rapid Treatment Principle Nourish Yin Clear Heat[] […] palpitations or panic attacks and anxiety Poor memory Poor concentration Low grade fever Night sweats Five Sole Heat Restlessness A dry mouth and throat Thirst Dizziness Tinnitus Malar[]

  • Uremia

    flush Low grade fever in the afternoon Dry throat, maybe recurrent sore throat Dry stools and/or Constipation Urine short and red Heightened libido If Heart Fire also Flares[] , soreness or weakness of the low back Spermatorrhea or Premature ejaculation Aching in the bones Aching in the leg and heel Dry mouth Thirst Night sweats Five sole Heat Malar[]

  • Retrobulbar Neuritis

    flush Depression Irritability Increased desire to sleep Flatulence T: Pink C: Thin white or yellow P: Wiry and deficient or Wiry, and rapid Treatment Principle Pacify the[] […] in the arms and legs Heaviness of the head Night sweats Bloating and pain at the umbilicus and abdomen Diarrhea alternating with constipation Five Sole heat Palpitations Malar[]

  • Myxedema

    flush (redness of cheeks) Effusion (collection of fluid) into the pleural (around the lung), pericardial (around the heart) and in the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity.[] […] constriction of blood vessels in the skin) Hypercarotenemia gives the skin a yellow tint (but does not involve the eye) Thinning of outer halves of the eyebrows Purple lips and malar[]

  • Classic Homocystinuria

    Homocystinuria is one of a group of genetic disorders called inborn errors of metabolism. It is characterized by a deficiency of the enzyme that converts homocysteine to cystathionine. Keratoconus is an ophthalmologic condition characterized by thinning of the corneal stroma, which causes the cornea to assume a[…][]

  • Thyroid Dysfunction

    A malar flush (reddening of the cheeks) may be seen against a generally pale face, known as ‘strawberries and cream complexion.[]

  • Rehmannia Root

    . • Heart fire blazing upward: mouth and tongue sores, irritability, insomnia, afternoon or low grade fever, malar flush. • Injury of Yin or body fluids by heat: constipation[] Mouth and tongue sores, irritability, insomnia, malar flush. * Wasting thirst disorder.[] [It] cools the upward blazing of Heart Fire [manifested as] mouth and tongue sores… irritability, insomnia, afternoon or low-grade fever, and malar flush [And it is] used[]

  • Mitral Valve Stenosis

    Clinical examination classically reveals a malar flush ('mitral facies') due to cutaneous vasoconstriction, and a mid-diastolic murmur that is heard on praecordial auscultation[] flush - due to back pressure and buildup of carbon dioxide (CO2).[] […] or pulmonary hypertension , the latter often presenting with a loud P 2 . [2] Almost all signs increase with exercise and pregnancy. [2] Other peripheral signs include: Malar[]

  • Homocystinuria

    Skin manifestations include malar flush, thin hair, and cutis reticulata / marmorata.[] Clinical features include a tall slender habitus, SCOLIOSIS, arachnodactyly, MUSCLE WEAKNESS, genu varus, thin blond hair, malar flush, lens dislocations, an increased incidence[] Clinical features include a tall slender habitus, scoliosis, arachnodactyly, muscle weakness, genu varus, thin blond hair, malar flush, lens dislocations, an increased incidence[]

  • Atrophic Rhinitis

    flush Afternoon fever Sterility Spermatorrhea Sore and swollen throat Asthma Dry nose and lips Low grade fever Raspy breathing resembling wheezing Five sole heat Cough with[] […] white curd-like membrane in the throat that is difficult to scrape off Dry mouth and throat worse at night Soft or hoarse voice Low back and legs sore and weak Night sweats Malar[]

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