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52 Possible Causes for Male Hypogonadism, Narrow Shoulders, Obesity

  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    Obesity is reported to have adverse effects on semen quality and the endocrine system.[] After puberty, KS boys may have Smaller testes and penis Breast growth Less facial and body hair Reduced muscle tone Narrower shoulders and wider hips Weaker bones Decreased[] Affected males carry an additional X chromosome, which results in male hypogonadism, androgen deficiency, and impaired spermatogenesis.[]

  • Froehlich's Syndrome

    Our concern about the social implications of obesity for national health and wealth helps render obesity an epidemic disease.[] shoulders, and pre-pubertal penis.[] Testosterone modulates serum leptin concentrations in a male patient with hypothalamic hypogonadism. J Endocrinol Invest. 2000;23:246-50.[]

  • Hemochromatosis

    , Exercise Obesity Obstetrics and Gynecology Occupational Health Oncology Ophthalmic Images Ophthalmology Orthopedics Otolaryngology Pain Medicine Pathology and Laboratory[] The findings may resemble osteoarthritis with irregular joint space narrowing, subchondral bone sclerosis, bone cysts, and osteophytosis.[] Table 5 compares the hypogonadal males to the nonhypogonadal males.[]

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy-Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism Syndrome

    […] resulting in fibrosis, hypertrophy, or both. idiopathic cardiomyopathy Cardiology A cardiomyopathy of unknown etiology which may represent end stage myocarditis Risk factors Obesity[] […] chest, sloping shoulders, aged appearance of the hands and feet and facial dysmorphism (beaked nose and severe retrognathia).[] males.[]

  • Cushing Syndrome

    In agreement with the known roles of cAMP signaling in the regulation of adiposity, patients with PPNAD were less obese than other patients with CS.[] Years later, they fade into silvery-gray or dirty white narrow streaks. Stretch marks are a product of inflamed and rupture connective dermal tissues.[] Cushing syndrome, hypothyroidism Last Update: 2012-04-11 Usage Frequency: 1 Reference: Wikipedia Romanian Hipogonadism la bărbaţi, sindrom Cushing, hipotiroidism English Hypogonadism[]

  • Anorchia

    […] disruptors, bariatric surgery, androgen deficiency, genetic causes of obesity, endocrine rhythms, and the use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in thyroid cancer.[] […] and narrow hips.[] Subsequent chapters deal with male sexual precocity; "fertile eunuchism" (Leydig cells reduced in number and size with preserved spermatogenesis); male idiopathic hypogonadism[]

  • Klinefelter's Syndrome with XY/XXY Mosaic

    […] plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1. [1] Lower limb ulcers are frequently observed and the etiology is thought to be multifactorial including chronic venous insufficiency, obesity[] After puberty, KS boys may have Smaller testes and penis Breast growth Less facial and body hair Reduced muscle tone Narrower shoulders and wider hips Weaker bones Decreased[] On physical examination, the patient’s height was 189 cm and he had narrow shoulders, wide hips, sparse facial hair (which he shaved once every two months), and small, firm[]

  • Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

    Obesity has recently become one of the most important public health problems.[] Children and adults may be taller than average, with proportionally longer arms and legs, and they may have less-muscular bodies, more belly fat, wider hips, narrower shoulders[] Abstract Male hypogonadism is defined as the deficiency of testosterone or sperm production synthesized by testicles or the deficiency of both.[]

  • CHARGE Syndrome

    , polydactyly, and intellectual disabilities) 759.89 Barth 759.89 basal cell nevus 759.89 Beckwith (-Wiedemann) 759.89 Biedl-Bardet (obesity, polydactyly, and intellectual[] The eighteen possibilities were narrowed down to three. There was unanimous agreement on the sign pictured at right. Both hands are at the shoulders in the letter “C.”[] Julia Rohayem and Eberhard Nieschlag, Central Hypogonadism in the Male: Physiopathology, Diagnosis and Treatment, Hypothalamic-Pituitary Diseases, 10.1007/978-3-319-38681-[]

  • Eunuchism

    Periodontal Profile of Hypogonadic Men Recruiting NCT03176537 Phase 4 Testosterone gel;Placebos 5 Effects of Testosterone Undecanoate vs Placebo on Intrahepatic Fat Content in Obese[] […] pelvis and wide shoulders -males sexual behavior associated with adulthood like desire to opposite sex - increase muscle strength -appearance of adam’s apple - growth of[] […] organs and other infantile sexual characteristics throughout life - adiposogenital syndrome - Frohlich's syndrome - hypothalamic eunuchism condition that is characterized by obesity[]

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