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222 Possible Causes for Male Perineal Pain, Perineal Ulceration, Skin Rash of the Groin Area

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    For unexplained reasons, inflammation of the perineal lymph nodes develops in women and may lead to scarring and ulceration of the labia, rectal mucosa, and vagina.[] […] area  Painless infiltrated nodules that soon slough.  A shallow, sharply demarcated ulcer forms, with a beefy-red friable base of granulation tissue. 5.[] Inguinale  Chronic, relapsing granulomatous anogenital infection  Due to: Calymmatobacterium granulomatis  Lesion occur on the skin or mucous membranes of the genitalia or perineal[]

  • Perianal Abscess

    PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to obtain insight into the short- and long-term results of treatment of perianal abscess and fistula-in-ano in infants. METHODS: This is a retrospective study of the records of patients treated over a 21-year period from January 1974 until December 1994 in a Pediatric Surgical[…][]

    Missing: Skin Rash of the Groin Area
  • Anorectal Fistula

    Abstract Anal fissures are linear splits in the anal mucosa. Acute fissures typically resolve within a few weeks; chronic fissures persist longer than 8 to 12 weeks. Most fissures are posterior and midline and are related to constipation or anal trauma. Painful defecation and rectal bleeding are common symptoms. The[…][]

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  • Perineal Fistula

    Surgery treatment for perineal fistula entails removing the ulcerated tissue and the anal sacs to enhance healing of the anal and perineal regions.[] Metronidazole therapy for perineal Crohn's disease: a follow-up study. Gastroenterology 83, 383–387 (1982). 56. Solomon, M. J. et al.[] WHAT ARE PERINEAL OR ANAL FISTULAS?[]

    Missing: Skin Rash of the Groin Area
  • Intertrigo

    ‘Inflammation of perineal skin folds is called intertrigo.’[] This skin-on-skin rash occurs in warm, wet areas where skin meets skin; under the breasts, in stomach folds, the groin or armpit area and it breeds bacteria, yeast and fungus[] Intertrigo is a skin rash that develops in the folds of the skin.[]

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  • Chronic Prostatitis

    On examination, suprapubic tenderness is common along with external (perineal) tenderness and internal (levator muscle) tenderness/spasticity.[] The clinical presentation of ABP may be highly variable with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. 6 Classic symptoms include: fever chills perineal or lower abdominal pain[] Cystoscopy with hydraulic distention of the bladder in men with IC/BPS commonly demonstrates diffuse glomerulations. 56 Some data suggest that Hunner's ulcers are more common[]

    Missing: Skin Rash of the Groin Area
  • Hemorrhoids

    The recurrence rate after 2 years was 18.3%, and complications included pyrexia, low blood pressure, perineal pain and rectal ulcers, but those were mild [ 17 ].[]

    Missing: Skin Rash of the Groin Area
  • Rectal Prolapse

    Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome is essentially due to prolapse and traumatization of the rectal mucosa.[] […] descent on evacuation proctography; •. abnormal endoscopic appearance of the rectum ranging from erythema to ulceration or polypoid lesions, which can be multiple or solitary[] Other complications include mucosal ulceration and necrosis of the rectal wall.[]

    Missing: Skin Rash of the Groin Area
  • Perianal Candidiasis

    It is most commonly characterised by confluent erythema of the convex surfaces of the buttocks, the areas of skin in closest contact with the nappy and it spares the groin[] Nappy rash is not one distinct diagnosis, but is a multifactorial problem.[]

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  • Chancroid

    These are ulcers that occur on opposing surfaces of the labia.  Labia minora  Fourchette  Vestibule  Clitoris  Perineal area  Inner thighs 4/24/2017 10 11.[] There can also be ulcers in the inner lips, the perineal area (the area between the vagina and anus), and the inner thighs.[] These are ulcers that occur on opposite surfaces of the labia.[]

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