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1,470 Possible Causes for Male Sterility, Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome, Ventral Hernia

  • Obesity

    , COPD, obstructive sleep apnea or obesity hypoventilation syndrome.[] The obesity hypoventilation syndrome. Am J Med 2005;118:948-56. [ PubMed ] 87. Durnin JV, Womersley J.[] The obesity hypoventilation syndrome. Am J Med 2005 ; 118 : 948 -56. 87. Durnin JV, Womersley J.[]

  • Morbid Obesity

    The case study presents a patient with morbid obesity, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and numerous ICU admissions.[] To Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) Pickwickian syndrome E66.2 ) The following code(s) above E66.01 contain annotation back-references Annotation Back-References In[] Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a common problem in the morbidly obese. Less well known is the obesity-hypoventilation syndrome.[]

  • Myxedema

    […] include respiratory muscle weakness, mechanical obstruction by a large tongue, and obesity-hypoventilation syndrome.[] […] hypoventilation, which results from central depression of ventilatory drive with decreased responsiveness to hypoxia and hypercapnia. [9, 10] Other contributing factors to hypoventilation[]

    Missing: Ventral Hernia
  • Orchitis

    Umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, perineal hernia, ventral hernia and diaphragmatic hernia [L.P.] 3 rd hour Esophagus . Principles of esophageal surgery.[] Regarding male sterility and types of orchitis, bacterial orchitis can be treated and has better odds than those provoked by the mumps virus, which can produce sterility in[] The possibility of sterility occurring in males lends particular interest as this is the most serious complication of the mumps syndrome.[]

    Missing: Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
  • Sickle Cell Disease

    In the GBD 2010, we included abdominal hernia, including umbilical hernia, ventral hernia, and diaphragmatic hernia in the category “other digestive diseases”.[] Fertility and Sterility. 1974, 25 (Suppl 12): 243-248.[] […] treating unspecified anaemia as a garbage code whereas in the GBD 2010 it was mapped to iron-deficiency anaemia, moving abdominal hernia from other digestive diseases to hernia[]

    Missing: Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    Supplemental oxygen therapy may be added in the presence of obesity hypoventilation syndrome.[] Adult individuals with PWS-related morbid obesity may have the preceding sleep disturbances as well as an obesity-hypoventilation syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea.[]

    Missing: Ventral Hernia
  • Malnutrition

    The modern contraceptive methods for men are limited to male condoms and sterilization (vasectomy).[] sterilization (vasectomy) Permanent contraception to block or cut the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm from the testicles Keeps sperm out of ejaculated semen 99% after[] 97–98% with no semen evaluation Female sterilization (tubal ligation) Permanent contraception to block or cut the fallopian tubes Eggs are blocked from meeting sperm 99%[]

    Missing: Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome Ventral Hernia
  • Extrapulmonary Alveolar Hypoventilation

    […] patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS).[] A less common example is the presence of a large abdominal ventral hernia in a patient with COPD.[] Obesity-hypoventilation syndrome Patients with OHS have a higher incidence of restrictive ventilatory defects when compared with patients who are obese but do not hypoventilate[]

    Missing: Male Sterility
  • Chronic Alcoholism

    The study group consisted of 55 heavy-drinking males diagnosed with alcohol abuse, while the control group consisted of 55 males without a history of alcohol abuse.[] Samples were taken from the inferior fornix conjunctiva with sterile cotton-tipped swabs (Amies transport medium) for culture.[]

    Missing: Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome Ventral Hernia
  • Third Trimester Pregnancy

    The concomitant phenomenon of a third trimester pregnancy with a significant degree of pelvic organ prolapse is extremely rare. We report on a patient with pelvic organ prolapse complicating third trimester pregnancy treated by concomitant cesarean hysterectomy and abdominal sacrocolpopexy. A 30-year-old woman,[…][]

    Missing: Male Sterility Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome