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41 Possible Causes for Mallet Finger, Numbness of the Hand

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    […] of the hand.[] Self-Care Instructions Mallet finger - aftercare Baseball finger - aftercare; Drop finger - aftercare; Avulsion fracture - mallet finger - aftercare Diseases & Conditions[] A "mallet" or baseball finger is a rupture of the extensor tendon and sometimes including a fracture.[]

  • Wrist Fracture

    The doctor will also check to see how well the blood is flowing into the fingers and make sure there is no numbness in your hand.[] The most common are: Mallet finger – a drooping of the end of the finger that occurs when an extensor tendon becomes separated from the bone.[] The symptoms can include immediate, severe pain, numbness in the hand, loss of color to the hand/fingers and even possibly deformity of the wrist or protrusion of the bone[]

  • Nail Bed Injury

    Deformity of nail or fingertip Hand Therapy Treatment for fingertip and nail bed injuries often include a referral to Hand Therapy.[] Common fingertip injuries seen at our Appleton and Green Bay locations include: Figure 1: Mallet Finger Tendon injury – tendons are fibrous bands that attach muscle to the[] Related articles: broken finger, broken hand, jersey finger (finger tendon injury), mallet finger (finger tendon injury) Reference 1) Lee DH et al.[]

  • Joint Subluxation

    It is usually quite painful, and there might be a partial numbness of the shoulder, arm and hand.[] Abstract One-third of all mallet fingers are associated with a fracture.[] Your natural tendency will be to support the weight of your arm with your other hand.[]

  • Acquired Wrist Drop

    The numbness is noted in the 4th and 5th digit of the hand.[] 736.1 Mallet finger 736.20 Unspecified deformity of finger 736.21 Boutonniere deformity 736.22 Swan-neck deformity 736.29 Other acquired deformities of finger 736.30 Unspecified[] A frequent finding is the so called mallet finger : in this condition there’s a lack of extension of the distal phalanx related to a tendon lesion or to an avulsion fracture[]

  • Subungual Hematoma

    If there is any nerve damage, the finger may be numb or feel tingly. Read more on hand and finger fractures.[] For you, the doctor : X-ray the finger to rule out an underlying fracture of the distal phalanx Check for a possible avulsion of the extensor tendon (mallet finger).[] Mallet Finger Mallet finger is a flexion deformity of the DIPJ caused by a disruption of the extensor mechanism.[]

  • Joint Dislocation

    Ulnar nerve injury causes tingling and numbness along the front and back of inner side of hand (includes small finger and ring finger).[] […] luxation ‎ (1カテゴリ、2ファイル) H Dislocation of hip ‎ (2カテゴリ、14ファイル) J Dislocation of jaw ‎ (6ファイル) M Mallet finger ‎ (2カテゴリ、3ファイル) P Patella luxation ‎ (2カテゴリ、2ファイル) S Separated[] Mallet type of thumb fracture dislocations are treated in the same way as mallet finger. Mallet fracture dislocation is most common type of thumb dislocation.[]

  • Congenital Elbow Dislocation

    Cubital Tunnel Symptoms Tingling in the ring and pinky fingers, making it more difficult to use them Numbness in the ring and pinky fingers Weakness in the hands Factors that[] Finger 286 Chapter 140 Marfan Syndrome 287 Chapter 141 Median Nerve Disorders 289 Chapter 142 The Meniscus 292 Chapter 143 Metastatic Tumor 294 Chapter 144 MFH Malignant[] Learn more about Ganglion Cysts Mallet Finger Mallet finger is an injury to the extensor tendon that is responsible for straightening the finger.[]

  • Colles' Fracture

    Complications may include residual deformity, loss of mobility, median and ulnar nerve injury, pain in the wrist, numbness in the fingers, shoulder-hand syndrome, and rupture[] Thumb & Wrist Injuries Bennett's Fracture (Scaphoid) Broken Wrist (Colles) Broken Wrist (Capitate) Broken Wrist Broken Wrist Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Mallet Finger Sprained[] You have numbness, tingling, or coldness in your hand or your fingers look dark. You cannot move your fingers because of swelling or pain.[]

  • Tenosynovitis of Fingers

    […] in the hand is caused by a pinched: tendon bone ligament nerve What is the correct spelling for tendonitis ?[] Because lawn mowers are easy to use, children and adolescents are often charged with the weekly chore of mowing the lawn. » Read More Mallet Finger (Baseball Finger) A mallet[] A common example is a distal avulsion of the ED from the distal phalanx (“mallet finger”), with or without an avulsion fracture.[]

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