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485 Possible Causes for Malnutrition, Mental Lethargy

  • Brandt Syndrome

    In congenital acrodermatitis enteropathica these lesions begin to appear after weaning is started. [1,4] History of malnutrition Malnutrition especially zinc deficiency leads[] Hypogonadism, anorexia, predisposition to bacterial and fungial infections, depresssion, mental lethargy and apathy may also occur.[] Lethargy, weak muscle tone, developmental delay, hepatomegaly, and poor eyesight are other MMA demonstrations.[]

  • Zinc Deficiency

    Malnutrition, prematurity, total parenteral nutrition dependence, and burns increase the demand for zinc, whereas congenital malabsorption syndromes represent clinical situations[] Signs and symptoms caused by zinc deficiency are poor appetite, weight loss, and poor growth in childhood, delayed healing of wounds, taste abnormalities, and mental lethargy[] Severe depletion of zinc in two patients with advanced cancer and malnutrition was accompanied by cutaneous bleeding and laboratory findings of platelet dysfunction, both[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    Vitamin B12 – not SSRIs – brought suicidal woman back to stable mental state A suicidal 52-year-old woman suffering from severe depression, anxiety, lethargy and catatonia[] , and investigate the cause of malnutrition including neglect.[] Infants present with developmental delay, failure to thrive, lethargy, poor feeding, mental retardation, seizures, listlessness, irritability, ataxia, hyporeflexia, hypotonia[]

  • Growth Failure

    Learning objectives Types of undernutrition Clinical Forms of Acute Malnutrition Acute Malnutrition: Marasmus (or Wasting) Acute Malnutrition: Kwashiorkor (or bi-lateral pitting[] Infants with untreated hypothyroidism are at risk for mental retardation. Children with hypothyroidism are treated with thyroid hormone replacement.[] Malnutrition is a global problem that varies from under nutrition to over nutrition.[]

  • Wernicke Encephalopathy

    Acute pancreatitis can lead to prolonged fasting and malnutrition.[] The clinical symptoms included lethargy, ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and mental compromise.[] It has been reported after many causes of malnutrition.[]

  • Celiac Disease

    Neurological symptoms were preceded by two months of gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal distention, and clear signs of malnutrition and weight loss.[] Among extra-intestinal signs, the most frequent symptom was mental confusion or a ‘foggy mind’, defined as a sensation of lethargy elicited by gluten, observed in 42% of cases[] […] suffering from an advance stage of celiac disease (CD), the delay in its diagnosis and in the establishment of a gluten-free dietled the patient to a severe proteincalorie malnutrition[]

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    CONCLUSIONS: This is the first prospective cohort to investigate malnutrition after RYGB in nonseverely obese patients.[] Mild form of vitamin deficiency may remain asymptomatic or have non-specific symptoms like malaise, lethargy, loss of appetite, poor weight gain and tachypnea.[] Deficiency of vitamin a due to malnutrition, malabsorption, or dietary lack. It is manifested with reduced night vision, night blindness, and xerophthalmia.[]

  • Accidental Hypothermia

    We report the case of a 77-year-old man, in whom accidental hypothermia was secondary to prolonged immobilization and malnutrition.[] Symptoms include decreased mental function, lethargy, and disorientation. Body temperature below normal range Cold weather can affect your body in different ways.[] KEYWORDS: Bio-heat transfer; Cardiomyopathy; Hypothermia modelling; Malnutrition; Thermoregulation[]

  • Biotin Deficiency

    Abstract Several of the clinical and biochemical manifestations of biotin deficiency also occur in severe protein-energy malnutrition (PEM).[] Biotin deficiency in infants hinders their physical and mental growth.[] Ziboh, Malnutrition‐Associated Rash of Cystic Fibrosis, Pediatric Dermatology, 17, 5, (337-347), (2001).[]

  • Vitamin B Deficiency

    Weight Loss The individual may lose weight as a general aspect of the malnutrition the often accompanies this vitamin deficiency. 2.[] Vitamin B12 – not SSRIs – brought suicidal woman back to stable mental state A suicidal 52-year-old woman suffering from severe depression, anxiety, lethargy and catatonia[] […] vitamin B stores Drugs: both recreational and prescription drugs deplete vitamin B Toxins: poisons in the environment and personal care products deplete vitamin B complex Malnutrition[]

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