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805 Possible Causes for Malnutrition, Vomiting, Vomiting without Nausea

  • Vomiting of Pregnancy

    Three of them (N 5034) reported nausea without vomiting in 28.6% and two studies (N 136) produced a rate for NVP during late pregnancy of 24.0%.[] However, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is not always nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP).[] There are many options for treating this condition, which can cause dehydration, weight loss and malnutrition.[]

  • Purging-Type Bulimia Nervosa

    Marked weight loss Self starvation, low caloric intake Osteoporosis at a young age Malnutrition Bulimia nervosa Dental enamel erosions and gum disease Recurrent vomiting[] At the first admission, we were not aware that she performed “tube vomiting” because she said that she had started vomiting using her fingers and then learned to vomit by[] Malnutrition (can lead to loss of muscle and bone density [osteoporosis] resulting in dry, brittle bones) Severe dehydration, which can result in kidney failure and chemical[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    Physicians should be aware of the possibility of carnitine deficiency and/or severe hypoglycemia, especially in hemodialysis patients with malnutrition.[] A 66-year-old woman presented to an urgent care clinic for 2 to 3 weeks of general malaise, nausea/vomiting, night sweats, and dyspnea.[] Ketotic hypoglycaemia presents with symptoms of hypoglycaemia (eg sweating, irritable, confused) and also nausea and vomiting.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    A 42-year-old man with a history of Billroth II-gastrectomy, chronic alcoholism, and malnutrition developed acute tetraparesis, two days before admission.[] […] poisoning and alcoholism deaths such as chronic tolerance, alcohol-related organ and tissue damage (cirrhosis, pancreatitis), positional asphyxia or suffocation by inhalation of vomit[] Other conditions that may cause vitamin B1 deficiency include: HIV/AIDS Cancers that have spread throughout the body Extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy ( hyperemesis[]

  • Pyloric Obstruction

    Physical examination often demonstrates the presence of chronic dehydration and malnutrition.[] We report the case of a 2-day-old female neonate presenting with neonatal cholestasis, nonbilious vomiting with pyloric obstruction, and multiple intestinal atresias.[] Clinical presentation, however, remains the same, frequent mucoid vomiting that comes up suddenly and forcefully without preceding nausea.[]

  • Cholera

    Those who do develop symptoms usually have mild to moderate diarrhea, with or without vomiting.[] Half of under fives have bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting each year Parents are making children suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea more sick by giving them flat coke and[] A high energy diet should be established once dehydration has been corrected to prevent malnutrition and complications.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas

    ., frequent bowel motions which appear oily, greasy and often float on the top of toilet bowel) weight loss (unintentional) malnutrition, muscle wasting diabetes (endocrine[] Venous thrombosis open link of the superficial or deep veins, as well as vomiting, may also occur.[] Other symptoms that can occur with more advanced disease are: nausea, vomiting, weight loss, itching skin, and decreased appetite.[]

  • Malignant Gastric Neoplasm

    BACKGROUND/AIM: Recent evidence suggests that preoperative malnutrition may lead to poor survival in cancer patients.[] Gastric cancer symptoms can be nausea, vomiting and epigastric discomfort which is similar to early pregnancy symptoms.[] Some people with total gastrectomies experience dumping syndrome , which includes nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, and dizziness.[]

  • Acetaminophen Overdose

    Chronic liver disease Alcoholism HIV/AIDS Malnutrition and prolonged fasting, including living on a very sparse diet like the tea and toast diet Anorexia nervosa Genetic factors[] Emetics are medications to induce vomiting in individuals for moving out the drug.[] "That's the problem because some of the symptoms are like the flu: nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain," he said. "It's usually fatal over a day or two."[]

  • Prepyloric Ulcer

    . - a deeply eroding ulcer could cause a colic fistula -- severe diarrhoea, malnutrition, and weight loss. -- diagnosed by barium enema reliably, and upper GI series unreliably[] 56 year-old man with hematemesis (vomiting blood) and melena (black, tarry stools). Endoscopy revealed this 1 cm prepyloric ulcer, which was no longer bleeding.[] Weight loss, malnutrition and anaemia are common.[]

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