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52 Possible Causes for Masseter Spasm, Muscle Twitch

  • Tetanus

    It also had a full blown clinical picture of neonatal tetanus including: masseter spasm; generalized rigidity; a high pitched cry: and intermittent opisthotonos posturing.[] ‘As we normally use our muscles, the individual fibers go into tetanus for brief periods rather than simply undergoing single twitches.’[] Severe masseter and intercostal muscle spasm impaired airway access and ventilation.[]

  • Muscle Spasm

    This retrospective study was undertaken to examine the management and outcome of children who developed isolated masseter muscle spasm (MMS) after the administration of intravenous[] Rare causes of Muscle Twitching and Spasms Following causes of Muscle Twitching and Spasm which makes it necessary to meet your doctor ASAP – Muscle twitching in neck, hips[] An increased masseter tone of this degree might be interpreted as "masseteric muscle spasm" by the anaesthetist.[]

  • Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis

    During surgery, avoid use of depolarizing anesthetic agents including suxamethonium and anticholinesterases that increase myotonia, which can result in masseter spasm and[] Disease in equines [ edit ] Symptoms and presentation [ edit ] This inherited disease is characterized by violent muscle twitching and substantial muscle weakness or paralysis[] , severe muscle stiffness and various degrees of myotonia, twitching or other involuntary muscle movement, cardiac irregularities, and difficulty breathing.[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 5

    The earliest symptoms include muscle twitching, cramping, stiffness, or weakness.[] Muscle twitches and cramps are common; they occur because degenerating axons (long fibers extending from nerve-cell bodies) become “irritable.”[] The most important diagnostic feature is spontaneous twitching of muscles in the limbs and in the tongue.[]

  • Bruxism

    Ask about temporalis and masseter spasms/pain in your patients with blepharospasm and cervical dystonia.[] It is useful in dealing with muscle twitching . Restless Leg Syndrome and night time grinding of the teeth ( bruxism ).[] […] indentations. 5,6 Pain and spasms involving the jaw muscles associated with bruxism are commonly mislabeled as TMJ dysfunction.[]

  • Anesthetic

    The incidence of masseter spasm varies depending on the anaesthetic technique.[] An 11-year-old girl weighing 55.6 kg developed pallor, rolling back of the eyes, and rhythmic muscle twitching after receiving a mandibular nerve block injection with a 1.8[] The Masseter spasm was evident after the second dose and consequently the halothane was discontinued.[]

  • Hypercapnia

    spasm, rigidity of other muscle groups, mottled skin, increased T C (late sign) * Keep MH in mind if CO2 continues to rise despite adequate minute ventilation Management[] Symptoms and signs may include: Paranoia, depression, and confusion, which may progress to coma Muscle twitches Seizures Palpitations Panic or a feeling of impending doom[] twitching Panic attacks Fainting These symptoms usually indicate hypercapnia, as well as an underlying issue that is causing it.[]

  • Myotonia Congenita

    We report an undiagnosed case of myotonia congenita in a 24-year-old previously healthy primigravida, who developed life threatening masseter spasm following a standard dose[] […] atrophy Muscle biopsy Muscle function loss Muscle twitching Myopathic changes Myotonia congenita Rhabdomyolysis Volkmann ischemic contracture Weakness [ Read More ][] ., masseter spasm, opisthotonus) to attacks of weakness and paralysis.[]

  • Stiff-Person Syndrome

    Botulinum toxin A injections into the bilateral masseter and neck paraspinal muscles provided pain relief and spasm control, illustrating the use of botulinum toxin A injections[] The patient presented with recurrent episodes of vertigo with a pure peripheral pattern and with concomitant episodes of burning muscle pain, muscle twitching, weight gain[] twitches).[]

  • Succinylcholine

    We report the case of a 20-year-old woman who developed masseter spasm after receiving succinylcholine for rapid sequence intubation.[] . • Musculoskeletal : Muscle pain following surgery, muscle twitching, tightening of jaw or other muscles. • Skin : Rash, hives, itching. • Miscellaneous : Increased saliva[] In essence, sux makes every muscle twitch to the point that it becomes unresponsive to any subsequent stimulation: you can’t breathe, you can’t even blink.[]

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