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15 Possible Causes for Mastodynia, Nipple Retraction, Weight Loss

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Breast

    In advanced stages, one may observe the nipple retraction (due to the tumor infiltration of the lactiferous ducts), the "orange peel" aspect of the skin (due to lymphedema[] loss, and poor appetite, but it’s important to remember these can also be caused by medication or depression.[] retraction Gross images Contributed by Mark R.[]

  • Breast Abscess

    retraction Nipple piercing (mastitis, subareolar abscess) Higher recurrence rate if polymicrobial abscess General Prevention Frequent breast emptying with on-demand feeding[] There was history of intermittent fever, loss of appetite and loss of weight for the last 5-6 weeks.[] . • Clinical features include breast pain, erythema, peri-areolar swelling and tenderness, and/or nipple retraction and these occur in relation to the affected duct. 7.[]

  • Mastodynia

    […] breast N64.2 Atrophy of breast N64.3 Galactorrhea not associated with childbirth N64.4 Mastodynia N64.5 Other signs and symptoms in breast N64.51 Induration of breast N64.53 Retraction[] Excessively increased levels of estradiol (peak value 2325 pmol/l) were found during the period of mastodynia.[] Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance Breast swelling and tenderness Irregular or heavy periods Painful periods Water retention Hair loss Headaches Migraines Weight gain, especially[]

  • Mastitis

    In PCM group, the rate of nipple retraction was 40% (12/30).[] She denied fever, night sweats, weight loss or respiratory symptoms.[] Weight loss did not exceed 7% in either group.[]

  • Fat Necrosis of the Breast

    Clinically, these tumors may be firm, fixed, and produce overlying skin or nipple retraction.[] I did lose 18 lbs. so maybe I can finally feel it after the weight loss. Well anyway, I am having a biopsy tomorrow.[] […] areas of fat necrosis include: lumps with a red area around them lumps that appear bruised around them skin around the lump that appears thicker than the unaffected area nipple[]

  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease

    Breast cancer can present with other symptoms such as nipple discharge, nipple retraction, skin changes, redness and/or pain.”[] Abstract Thirty premenopausal women with recurrent, pronounced cyclical mastodynia associated with mammographically confirmed fibrocystic disease were studied.[] Lifestyle changes are also heavily recommended, especially the integration of exercise programs in the daily routine, which should promote weight loss, mood stabilization[]

  • Breast Disorder

    Classification Disorders of development: polymastia and polythelia accessory axillary breast tissue congenital nipple retraction macromastia fibroadenoma phyllodes tumor adolescent[] Sometimes it's also called mastodynia or mammalgia. 'Masto-' and 'mamma-' mean 'breast,' while '-algia' and '-dynia' (or 'DIN-ee-a') both mean 'pain.'[] loss when not dieting or weight gain (eg a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month), or decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day.[]

  • Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast

    The tumor was 9 cm, occupying the entire left breast with nipple retraction. CT showed a tumor directly below the nipple.[] Abstract We report the case of a patient who presented with hypoglycemia associated with a giant breast mass and presence of serum high-molecular-weight insulin-like growth[] […] and Areola 197 Inflammatory Carcinoma 199 Skin and Nipple Retraction 203 Ulceration 206 Cutaneous Metastases 207 Lesions That Arise Outside the Ducts and Lobules 213 Skin[]

  • Breast Hematoma

    […] of nipple N64.59 Other signs and symptoms in breast N64.8 Other specified disorders of breast N64.82 Hypoplasia of breast N64.89 Other specified disorders of breast N64.9[] loss Back Pain Stress management Weight gain Cancer Prevention Healthy Digestion Healthy Heart[] TODAY'S EVENTS Calendar - Hysterectomies - Birthdays Request Information Fibroid Treatments Post-op Intimacy - Weight Loss …more I am a HysterSister HYSTERECTOMY STORIES Featured[]

  • Gynecomastia

    retraction, Bleeding or nipple discharge, ulceration, or Associated lymphadenopathy In all this condition biopsy is indicated. 23.[] In the great majority, mastodynia with or without breast enlargement was present and referred to as gynecomastia.[] Weight loss, reassurance, pharmacotherapy with tamoxifen and surgical correction are the therapeutic options.[]

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