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105 Possible Causes for Mature Adipocytes

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  • Osteoporosis

    […] to differentiate into adipocytes, chondrocytes, neurons, and muscle cells, as well as into osteoblasts. [27] Certain Wnt signaling pathways promote the differentiation of[] Wnt signaling plays a key role in the fate of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are the progenitor cells of mature bone-forming osteoblasts. [26] MSCs have the capability[]

  • Lipoblastoma

    Three tumours were composed predominantly of mature adipocytes and the three other cases showed an immature appearance, with a prominent myxoid matrix.[] adipocytes that most often occurs in children under the age of 3.[] The cells displayed a range of differentiation from multivacuolated lipoblasts to mature adipocytes. Mitoses were nonexistent to rare.[]

  • Well-Differentiated Liposarcoma

    On histological examination, the tumor was composed of a mature adipocytes proliferation, showing significant variation in cell size, associated to some lipoblasts.[] WD adipocytic liposarcoma is composed of a relatively mature adipocytic proliferation, featuring cell size variation as well as at least focal nuclear atypia.[] It consists of proliferation of mature adipocytes. WDLS usually present between 50 and 60 years of age, with a male predilection.[]

  • Hibernoma

    On immunohistochemistry mature brown adipocytes were seen to express the marker protein UCP1.[] Smears revealed typical hibernoma cells with a minor percentage of eosinophilic cells and mature adipocytes.[] Hibernomas are composed, in varying proportions, of brown fat cells, mature adipocytes, and microvacuolated lipoblast-like cells.[]

  • Cerebellar Liponeurocytoma

    Lipidized cells resemble mature adipocytes and are found interspersed throughout the lesion.[] adipocytes Glial differentiation in some cases in the form of looser and more infiltrative well differentiated cells No / low mitotic activity Rarely myogenic differentiation[] Histology of the tumor showing (A) monomorphic population of small round cells admixed with areas of lipid-containing cells mimicking mature adipocytes, (B) cells with round[]

  • Lipoma

    Abstract Lipomas are benign tumors of mature adipocytes unusual in the oral and maxillofacial region.[] Abstract Lipomas are benign neoplasms derived from adipose tissue composed of mature adipocytes.[] Histology demonstrates mature adipocytes with no cellular atypia or pleomorphism 4 .[]

  • Familial Angiolipomatosis

    It presents as an encapsulated, subcutaneous nodule consisting of mature adipocytes intermingled with small, thin-walled, branching vessels.[] Definition / general Subcutaneous nodule composed of mature adipocytes, thin walled vessels and fibrin thrombi Epidemiology Arises shortly before puberty or in young adults[] Definition : Sub cutaneous nodule composed of mature adipocytes, thin walled vessels and fibrin thrombi.[]

  • Hamartoma

    Abstract Lipofibromatous hamartoma (LFH) is a rare, benign fibrofatty tumor composed of a proliferation of mature adipocytes within peripheral nerves, which form a palpable[] It is characterized by the proliferation of mature adipocytes within the epineurium and the perineurium of the peripheral nerves.[] The term “lipofibromatous hamartoma” is most commonly used to describe the proliferation of mature adipocytes within peripheral nerves resulting in a palpable yellow neurogenic[]

  • Precalcaneal Congenital Fibrolipomatous Hamartoma

    Presenceof mature adipocytes enveloped in collagen fibers and an increasednumber of blood vessels.[3] Semadeni BL, Mainetti C, Itin P, Lautenschlager S.[] The vesselswere increased in number, and exhibited a heterogeneousdistribution (Fig. 4).At the ultrastructural level, mature adipocytes (Fig. 5)were observed surrounded by[] Microscopically, the unencapsulated tumor was composed of intimate admixture of fibrous tissue and mature adipocytes in a haphazard manner.[]

  • Ganglioneuroma

    A computed tomography-guided core-needle biopsy revealed a mixture of mature adipocytes, spindle-shaped cells, and fibrotic stroma.[] Abstract Lipomatous ganglioneuroma (LG) is a rare variant of ganglioneuroma that is histologically characterized by a mature adipocytic component admixed with a conventional[]

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