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  • Tinnitus

    Abstract Of all non-auditory sensory systems only the somatosensory system appears to be related to tinnitus (e.g. temporomandibular joint syndrome and whiplash).[] Individuals with tinnitus closely matched in age to this group may have similar age-related changes in the transduction mechanism giving their threshold shift, but may in[] To assess the effects of sound therapy (using amplification devices and/or sound generators) for tinnitus in adults.[] […] of the N1-P2 complex elicited by the initial 1 kHz background stimulus.[] […] may be many different mechanisms by which tinnitus can occur.[] […] with a behavioral paradigm in which the perception of tinnitus is manipulated and accurately reported by the subject.[] Of all nonauditory sensory systems, only the somatosensory system seems to be related to tinnitus (eg, temporomandibular joint syndrome and whiplash).[]

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  • Hypersensitive to Stimuli

    The TCTerms Team Read more: Forum Rules of Conduct Asking a Question Asker Mother tongues: Sindhi, Urdu Hypersensitive to sensory stimuli child care Context personal development[] The transduction proteins are the means by which a noxious stimulus, for example excessive heat, is converted into electrical activity.[] As for sounds, they don't really bother me unless it's an annoying loud or repetitive noise. I enjoy good music very much. Junk scattered everywhere?[] Women displayed elevated response curves to the arousing and unpleasant stimulus, whereas men did not.[] We hypothesized that ES may also be a mechanism of the hypersensitivity in FM brains.[] Mental attention has been shown to increase perception to gastrointestinal stimuli, 17 and there is evidence that psychological mechanisms play a role in modulating perception[] What is Sensory Regulation?[]

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  • Congenital Pain Insensitivity

    CIPA hereditary insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type IV hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy, type 4 HSAN type IV[] Living without pain may at first sound like a gift that all would like to possess: Everyday bumps and bruises would not be as much of an annoyance, and even trips to the dentist[] Congenital pain insensitivity (CPI) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by the inability to discern physical pain although the ability to feel a stimulus is intact[] […] neurotropic tyrosine kinase receptor type 1, which is autophosphorylated in response to nerve growth factor (NGF). 7 As previously described by Axelrod and Gold-von Simson, signal transduction[] Although this may sound great at first, the rare condition, known as congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP), leaves sufferers at risk of self-inflicted injuries and often[] Indifference to pain means that the patient can perceive the stimulus, but lacks an appropriate response: they do not flinch or withdraw when exposed to pain.[] She and many others are at risk from something that ironically sounds perfect. They live lives without pain – and that in itself jeopardises them constantly.[]

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  • Sensory Deprivation

    Abstract Most afferent inputs are sensory stimulants, and physical activity is probably one of the most significant of all sensory stimulations.[] She told me that for a while after the float, my senses will be heightened; sounds will be louder and colors brighter: "I probably wouldn't go to Macy's right now."[] We propose that the mechanisms of adaptive and maladaptive plasticity fall under a universal construct of updating hierarchical Bayesian prediction errors.[] We here tested image-to-sound conversion-based localization of visual stimuli (LEDs and objects) in 13 blindfolded participants.[] This study explored whether perceptual disturbances could be elicited by a brief period of complete isolation from sound and vision in both highly hallucination prone and[] The present study necessitates documenting the temporal and spectral processing on speech perception in noise from normal and atypical groups.[] Abstract Two promising techniques for smoking reduction, sensory deprivation and stimulus satiation, were applied in combination to five smokers.[]

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  • Hallucinogen

    CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Drug-induced visions may have greater intensity in people with poor sensory or perceptual processing, suggesting common mechanisms with other hallucinatory[] Serotonin receptors contain sites that can induce post-translational modification and thence the alteration of signal transduction.[] Hallucinogens and dissociative drugs—which have street names like acid, angel dust, and vitamin K—distort the way a user perceives time, motion, colors, sounds, and self.[] Of particular interest is the hypothesis that a drug may act, at a molecular level, upon multiple receptors to produce, at a behavioral level, a compound discriminative stimulus[] KEYWORDS: death; hallucinogen; hallucinogen persistent perception disorder; mortality; suicide[] Hallucinogen A drug that distorts sensory perceptions and disturbs emotion, judgment, and memory. hallucinogen, n substance which distorts a person's sensory perception, inducing[] […] in 2015 — it’s striking how of-the-moment Jackson sounds.[]

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  • Presbycusis

    Abstract The combined term, sensorineural, is useful because clinical distinction between sensory and neural lesions is often difficult, and because sensory lesions may lead[] Chen XW, Li H, Cao KL, Wei CG, Jin X (2003) The transduction of neurotrophin-3/GDNF attenuates the SGNC damage in deaf mice.[] Whatever the reason of thickening maybe, the stiff basilar membrane is now ineffective in transmitting sound waves and hearing loss ensues.[] , convert stimulus to nerve impulse, perceived as sensation in CNS Sclera White of eye, tough to protect Choroid Front part made of ciliary muscle and iris Pupil An actual[] The purpose of this study was to address the impact of folate deficiency on hearing loss and to examine the underlying mechanisms.[] For 36 smaller-scale studies of the perception of nonspeech stimuli by older adults reviewed, the following findings emerged: (1) the three most frequently studied behavioral[] […] cases in Schuknecht's study on temporal bones. 2) Indeterminate type appears to result from microstructural damage in the tip links of stereocilia and mechanoelectrical transduction[]

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  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    Sensory hearing loss often occurs as a consequence of damaged or deficient cochlear hair cells.[] TRIOBP in the inner ear is responsible for proper structure and function of stereocilia and is necessary for sound transduction.[] SOURCE Sound Pharmaceuticals[] The primary outcome measures were: frontal EEG Power Spectral Density (PSD) in the theta band and parietal EEG PSD in the alpha band, as assessed before stimulus (word) onset[] Further research is necessary to identify the mechanism and the epidemiology of LF-induced SNHL.[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search human disease High Frequency Hearing Loss High frequency deafness Perceptive deafness [diagnos] Perceptive hearing loss Perceptive[] […] most probably the cochlear hair cells, which are essential for hearing function since they are responsible for maintaining the ionic gradients necessary for sound signal transduction[]

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  • Influenza

    Clinical features include motor, sensory, and autonomic dysfunction such as limb weakness, severe pain, and sinus arrhythmia.[] […] could lead to a new class of drugs targeting the essential polymerase function of “cap-snatching.” 5 Other promising antiviral avenues under investigation include signal transduction[] Thus, differences in AH provide a single, coherent, more physically sound explanation for the observed variability of IVS, IVT and influenza seasonality in temperate regions[] We conclude that vitamin D, or lack of it, may be Hope-Simpson's 'seasonal stimulus'.[] […] of sialyl sugar chains by Spanish influenza virus hemagglutinin, 4) highly pathogenic and potentially pandemic H5N1, H9N2, and H7N7 avian influenza viruses and molecular mechanism[] United @DCUnited @NFIDVaccines #FightFlu NFID Partners with the Sports Junkies to #FightFlu NFID Survey: Public Perceptions of Flu Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family CDC[] Thirteen patients presented with both sensory and motor defects. One patient developed bulbar dysfunction, and 5 developed facial palsy.[]

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  • Distal Sensory Loss (all Modalities)

    Clear Turn Off Turn On Distal sensory loss of all modalities (pain, temperature, touch, vibration) Distal sensory loss of all modalities (pain, temperature, touch, vibration[] The transduction of light into neural activity occurs via the photoreceptors in the retina.[] […] malaria, envenoming and HIV.Animated practical procedures, including lumbar puncture, central venous and bladder catheterization, arterial cannulation etc.heart and lung sounds[] Patterns and emerging mechanisms of the angiogenic switch during tumorigenesis. Cell 86, 353-364. ‎ Pagina 21 - Ezekowitz RA, Mulliken JB, Folkman J.[] […] loss of all modalities Distal sensory loss of all modalities MedGen Association of statin use with sleep disturbances: data mining of a spontaneous ...[] Understanding the mechanisms behind these selective lesions requires a brief discussion of the anatomy involved.[] Dermatomal sensory loss due to cervical radiculopathy. H . Dermatomal sensory loss due to lumbosacral radiculopathy.[]

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  • Otolith

    […] otolith and the underlying sensory epithelium.[] Maurı́cio Kurc, Marcos Farina, Ulysses Lins and Bechara Kachar , Structural basis for mechanical transduction in the frog vestibular sensory apparatus: III.[] Known sound pressure levels were expressed in dB SPL re: 2   10 5 Pa.[] […] during the agonistic stimulus condition, but by suppression of the otolith-ocular reflex during the antagonistic stimulus condition.[] BACKGROUND: Otoconia are bio-crystals that couple mechanic forces to the sensory hair cells in the utricle and saccule, a process essential for us to sense linear acceleration[] Identifying the most suitable and consistent mathematical model of the vestibular system is important for research related to driving perception.[] The gravity receptor is one of the phylogenetically oldest sensory systems, and special adaptations that enhance sensitivity to gravity are highly conserved.[]

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