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4 Possible Causes for Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)

Did you mean: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15, )

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    Cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder of the exocrine glands. It is characterized by the production of abnormally viscous mucus by the affected glands. Cystic fibrosis is usually recognized in infancy or early childhood. The clinical manifestations of cystic fibrosis are typically[…][]

  • Imperforate Anus

    Imperforate anus is a rare congenital abnormality in which anus is either present in an abnormal location or it is absent. Presentation of cases may vary widely. While prenatal ultrasonography findings may appear normal, presence of polyhydramnios or intra-abdominal cysts are suggestive of imperforate anus along[…][]

  • Meconium Ileus

    Meconium ileus was detected mainly during the second trimester (28/38), and was associated with cystic fibrosis (15), fetal blood deglutition (4), infection (6), or multiple-abnormalities[] Meconium ileus is the most common fetal intestinal disorder occurring in 10-15% of cases (1-3).[] (10), in which three chromosomal aberrations were found.[]

  • Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)

    Almost all patients with meconium ileus have cystic fibrosis; 10-15% of CF patients present with meconium ileus.[] In 75% of cases, meconium ileus occurs in neonates suffering from cystic fibrosis; in 10-15% of cases in otherwise normal infants and, lastly, in 5% of cases in premature[] […] causes obstruction most often at the level of the ileocecal valve in a neonate.[]

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