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20 Possible Causes for Medulloblastoma, Optic Disc Pallor, Visual Field Test Abnormal

  • Leptomeningeal Metastasis

    Histopathological findings of the tumor were identical to those obtained from the original medulloblastoma.[] […] of optic disc and optical coherence tomography showed an atrophy of temporal retinal nerve fiber layer Click here to view Discussion LC, also referred to as carcinomatous[] OBJECTS: Among patients with medulloblastoma, an unrare aggressive central nervous system (CNS) tumor found mostly in the posterior fossa, drop metastasis from primary location[]

  • Suprasellar Tumor

    Medulloblastoma Medulloblastoma accounts for 35–40% of all posterior fossa tumors in children with peak occurrence at approximately 4 years old [ 2 , 11 ].[] Neurological examination revealed pallor of the left optic disc. There was no extraocular dysmotility or facial numbness.[] Medulloblastomas in children: The international society for pediatric neurosurgery. 6. Ruchalski K, Hathout GM.[]

  • Chiasmal Syndrome

    This can be tested easily at bedside. Visual fields The hallmark abnormality associated with chiasmal compression is a bitemporal superior quadrantanopsia.[] .: Quality of long-term survival in young children with medulloblastoma. J Neurosurg 80 (6): 1004-10, 1994.[] Figure 1: Humphrey automated static perimetry shows complete bitemporal hemianopia Click here to view Figure 2: (a) Fundus photography showing optic disc pallor in the left[]

  • Occipital Lobe Tumor

    With maturity, more rigorous computerized visual field tests are possible.[] For information about medulloblastomas, please click here.[] Medulloblastoma and other embryonal tumors should have spinal MRIs done for the first 2 years.[]

  • Papilledema

    Visual fields can be tested more formally by an ophthalmologist using vision grids.[] Malignant hypertension Medulloblastoma Orbital Glaucoma: central retinal vein occlusion, cavernous sinus thrombosis Local lesion: optic neuritis, Ischemic optic neuropathy[] Atropic Papilledema  Onset of optic disc pallor (secondary optic atrophy) .  Decrease in disc haemorrhage.  Narrowing of blood vessels and their ensheating.  Optic disc[]

  • Sellar Tumor with Suprasellar Extension

    For those with incidentalomas which do not require surgical removal, follow up clinical assessments and neuroimaging should be performed as well follow-up visual field examinations[] Medulloblastomas in children: The international society for pediatric neurosurgery. 6. Ruchalski K, Hathout GM.[] The extent of preoperative damage may by judged from a loss of arcuate nerve fibres surrounding the optic disc (the nerve fibre layer) and the degree of atrophy and pallor[]

  • Malignant Glioma

    Patients with Turcot syndrome (TS) are predisposed to colon tumors and primary brain tumors, typically glioblastomas or medulloblastomas.[] […] nerve head (although disc pallor may also be observed with posterior lesions).[] Histologically, the PNET-like component showed morphological features akin to anaplastic medulloblastoma highlighted by widespread immunoreactivity for βIII-tubulin (TUBB3[]

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    Visual field tests were normal in four eyes.[] Malformation: Linda’s Story Chief Resident Paul Gigante Earns Shulman Award Chief Residents Leaving the Nest Chief Residents Moving On; New Residents Moving In Childhood Medulloblastoma[] pallor in the presence of continuing swelling 24, 25 (Fig. 3 ).[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Two cadaver donors (cases 4 and 28, Table 2 ) had medulloblastomas, whereas the recipients subsequently developed a gluteal reticulum cell sarcoma and a gastric leiomyosarcoma[] The evolution of temporal optic disc pallor (arrow) after left optic neuritis.[] Lymphangitis Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Lymphohistiocytosis Lymphoproliferative Disorders Malaria Malnutrition Marasmus Mastoiditis Maternal Chorioamnionitis Measles Medulloblastoma[]

  • Secondary Optic Atrophy

    Ancillary Testing Optic neuropathies may cause a large variety of visual field defects, some of which are specific.[] […] metastases to optic nerve are extremely rare. [11] Reported primary sites are spread from adjacent disease from choroid, orbit, primary central nervous system tumors (meningioma, medulloblastoma[] Differential Diagnosis Optic atrophy versus other causes of optic disc pallor: • Pallor of optic disc in partial optic atrophy must be differentiated from other causes of[]

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