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382 Possible Causes for Mental Lethargy, Sleep Disturbance

  • Insomnia

    Insomnia commonly leads to daytime sleepiness, lethargy, and a general feeling of being unwell, both mentally and physically.[] Only few valid insomnia models are currently available, although many experimental conditions lead to disturbance of physiological sleep.[] […] excessively during the day, and having nightmares. 5 Therefore, sleeping disturbances affect sleep duration and sleep quality.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Such signs or symptoms may include fever, rigors, altered mental status, malaise, lethargy with no other identified cause, flank pain, acute haematuria, or pelvic discomfort[] Hospital-level care has known risks, including delirium, infections, side effects of medications and treatments, disturbance of sleep, and loss of mobility and function.[] , change in mental status Pregnant women are at increased risk for an UTI.[]

  • Endogenous Depression

    This term means quite a common mental disorder that is characterized by depressed mood, lethargy, slow thinking, extreme severity, and a long recovery period buy zoloft zoloft[] Overall, there was little support for the prediction of a difference in short- or long-term outcome between patients with and without EEG sleep disturbances.[] [/QUOTE] My GF was 'diagnosed' with deep depression quite some time ago (before I met her) ... she is also a mental health nurse ...[]

  • Fibromyalgia

    lethargy known as ‘fibro-fog’ (although the list of potential symptoms goes on, meaning that each individual patient experience can be quite unique).[] Evidence froms presented in support of the hypothesis that a disorder of serotonin metabolism serves as a basis for both the EEG sleep disturbance and the symptoms.[] It is proposed that the "fibrositis" symptom complex be considered a "non-restorative sleep syndrome".[]

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    […] inhibition Mental fatigue Reduction of exploration 'Pacing' as an energy-conservation strategy Reduced locomotor activity Post-exertion malaise following mental/physical[] STUDY OBJECTIVES: Little is known about the type and severity of sleep disturbances in the pediatric chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) population[] Unrefreshing sleep was the only criteria relating to sleep, with other sleep disturbances not a criterion.[]

  • Dementia

    […] that proceeds to lethargy, inactivity, and gross physical deterioration and eventually to death within a few years.[] […] over 8 to 10 weeks in patients with AD who were identified as having a sleep disturbance.[] […] states (for example, from lethargy to agitation and back to lethargy).[]

  • Sleep Disturbance

    As a result of sleep deprivation, you may struggle with sleepiness and mental lethargy on the job. This cuts into your productivity and puts you at risk of injury.[] Sleep disturbance secondary to the affected shoulder was characterized preoperatively and postoperatively as no sleep disturbance, frequent sleep disturbance, or nightly sleep[] Sleep disturbance in people with diabetes is a complex symptom that includes impaired sleep quality and/or abnormal sleep duration.[]

  • Post-Encephalitic Syndrome

    , double vision, delayed physical and mental response, sleep inversion and catatonia. [4] [9] In severe cases, patients may enter a coma -like state ( akinetic mutism ). [[] In most of these cases, there is a very distinct sleep disturbance and generally the condition is one of troublesome sleeplessness.[] Behavioral changes often appeared—including psychosis and hallucinations—followed by steadily increasing drowsiness and lethargy.[]

  • Brandt Syndrome

    Hypogonadism, anorexia, predisposition to bacterial and fungial infections, depresssion, mental lethargy and apathy may also occur.[] disturbance, and sexual dysfunction).[] Lethargy, weak muscle tone, developmental delay, hepatomegaly, and poor eyesight are other MMA demonstrations.[]

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    ; severe mental and neurologic manifestations.[] Compared with healthy controls, AS patients had more severe psychological disorders, sleep disturbance, and stressful life events (P[] This study also highlights the need to standardise the measurement of sleep disturbance in axSpA to facilitate comparisons between patient groups and interventions.[]

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