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5,045 Possible Causes for Mental Retardation, Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia

  • Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Type 1

    Mutations in the UGT1A1 gene cause Crigler-Najjar syndrome (CN), which causes non-hemolytic unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia, and is categorized as CN1 and CN2 according to[] Mental retardation, seizures, cognitive dysfunction, oculomotor nerve palsy, ataxia, choreoathetosis, and spasticity may be seen.[] Crigler-Najjar (CN) syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive inherited disorder characterized by non-hemolytic, unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia.[]

  • Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy Type 6

    , resulting from exacerbated hemolysis) Chronic, non-immune hemolytic anemia High mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) Presence of spherocytes in the peripheral[] The former patient showed moderate mental retardation; however, seizure was controlled to almost one incident a year by levetiracetam and topiramate.[] In severe cases, patients may present with profound neurological deficit including hypotonia, seizures and mental retardation.[]

  • Dicarboxylic Aminoaciduria

    Cringler-Najjar Syndrome : a form of congenital non-hemolytic/intrahepatic jaundice. Toxic hyperbilirubinemia caused by alcohol-induced liver damage or by Acetomenophin.[] Five hundred mentally retarded children (of both sexes and under 15 years of age) referred to our institute were screened for aminoacid disorders.[] […] deficiency Mental retardation Mental retardation, nonspecific Mental-retardation [ more ] 0001249 Showing of 4 Last updated: 6/1/2019 Making a diagnosis for a genetic or[]

  • Impacted Cerumen

    Moreover, a strong propensity for recurrent cerumen impaction in the mentally retarded population was found.[] Abstract The incidence of occlusion of the external auditory canal due to impacted cerumen was determined for 44 mentally retarded subjects in comparison with 44 nonretarded[] Impacted cerumen is a major cause of primary care consultation, and a common comorbidity in ENT patients, the elderly, infirm and people with mental retardation.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    This is the first description of KS, mosaicism (46,XY/47,XXY), associated with AN and mental retardation.[] Author information 1 Oasi Institute (IRCCS) for Research on Mental Retardation and Brain Aging, Troina, Italy., 2 Section of Endocrinology[] Three main clinical signs should suggest the diagnosis in a child: small testes, tall stature, and mental retardation or learning problems.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Some patients also have mild mental retardation. As DMD progresses, a wheelchair may be needed.[] Because of a mild mental retardation, a chromosome analysis and molecular karyotyping were performed, revealing a balanced translocation t(X;4)(p21;q31).arr(1-22,X)x2 dn with[] The proband had bilateral DRS with otherwise normal ocular motility; he also had developmental delay, mild mental retardation, and seizures.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Patau Syndrome

    Survivors suffer from severe mental retardation and health problems all their lives.[] retardation may complicate survival Please rate topic.[] Overview Patau syndrome or Trisomy 13 is a rare and very severe chromosome disorder leading to mental retardation and physical defects.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy

    In contrast, LGS was associated with mental retardation, which persisted after seizure control.[] All the patients with refractory seizures showed moderate or severe mental retardation.[] Within MAE groups combined, clinical and EEG risk factors for mental retardation could be identified.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Hydrocephalus

    Children with hydrocephalus have developmental defects of motor function, mental retardation, defective vision, and risk for epilepsy.[] Intelligence tests showed the man had an IQ of 75, below the average score of 100 but not considered mentally retarded or disabled, either.[] Intelligence tests showed the man had an IQ of 75, below the average score of 100 but not considered mentally retarded or disabled.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    The above data could reflect the reduced heparan sulfate storage in her tissues and organs, and in particular in the brain, consequently explaining her moderate mental retardation[] Signs and symptoms include organomegaly, mental retardation, abnormal skeletal development, heart disorders, hearing loss, and central nervous system deficiencies A syndrome[] retardation.[]

    Missing: Non-Hemolytic Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia

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