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319 Possible Causes for mesencephalon

  • Renal Coloboma Syndrome

    In addition, we observe a deletion of the cerebellum and the posterior mesencephalon in homozygous mutant embryos demonstrating that, in contrast to mutations in Pax5, which[]

  • Anisocoria

    Abstract Three patients developed anisocoria as a result of third nerve palsies caused by intracranial lesions: two in the cavernous sinus and one in the mesencephalon.[]

  • Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndrome

    The control MRs showed a partial regression of the dorsal mesencephalon lesion ( Figure 1B ).[] T2-weighted image showed hyperintense lesion within the dorsal mesencephalon - arrow (January 2012). B.[] The nonspecific inflammatory process in the mesencephalon, basal ganglia, and thalamus was seen in MRI ( Figure 1D ).[]

  • Methylphenyltetrahydropyridine

    METHODS: We grafted human fetal tissue from the ventral mesencephalon (obtained six to eight weeks after conception) bilaterally to the caudate and putamen in two immunosuppressed[] 1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine,Adult,Caudate Nucleus,Corpus Striatum,Dihydroxyphenylalanine,Dopamine,Female,Fetal Tissue Transplantation,Humans,Immunosuppression,Levodopa,Male,Mesencephalon[]

  • D-Glyceric Aciduria

    MRI showed white matter lesions with cerebral atrophy, particularly in the frontotemporal regions, and reversible abnormalities in the mesencephalon, thalami and globus pallidium[]

  • Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis

    On the other hand, a hypointense mass was seen in the mesencephalon on the unenhanced T1-weighted images.[] A, An unenhanced axial T1-weighted (500/12/3) image shows a hypointense lesion anterior and superior to the pons with invasion of the mesencephalon ( black arrows ).[] Histopathologic examination shows accumulation of melanotic cells in the basal arachnoidea and pia mater of the ventral surface of the mesencephalon, pons, medulla and cerebellum[]

  • Lethargy

    MRI and CT scans showed a large solid and cystic mass involving the right temporal, parietal and occipital lobes, pineal, superior pons, mesencephalon and posterior right[]

  • Biotin-Responsive Basal Ganglia Disease

    In 80%, discrete abnormal signals were observed in the mesencephalon, cerebral cortical-subcortical regions, and thalami.[] In 12 cases, discrete abnormal signal changes were observed in the mesencephalon, cortical-subcortical regions and thalami.[] The signal abnormality of the mesencephalon, cortex, and white matter disappeared after treatment whereas the caudate and putamen necrosis persisted in all patients, including[]

  • Lacunar Infarction

    Finally, the amount of white-matter lesions among MCI-V showed negative correlations with gray-matter volume in frontal and temporal areas as well as with the thalamus and mesencephalon[] Acute ischemic lesions (mean volume of 0.46 0.29 cm³) were located in the thalamus (n 8, 50%), internal capsule (n 4, 25%), corona Radiata (n 3, 18.8%) and the mesencephalon[] Acute ischemic lesions (mean volume of 0.46 0.29 cm 3 ) were located in the thalamus (n 8, 50%), internal capsule (n 4, 25%), corona Radiata (n 3, 18.8%) and the mesencephalon[]

  • Spasmodic Torticollis

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a lesion in the mesencephalon.[]

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