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3,244 Possible Causes for Microcephaly (2-3 SD), Poor Coordination of the Lower Extremity, Psychosis

Did you mean: Microcephaly (2-3 SD, Poor Coordination of the Lower Extremity, Psychosis

  • Cannabis Abuse

    At 1 year follow-up, 6 of the 48 (12.5%) at risk subjects had made the transition to psychosis.[] Performance on these tasks was compared between patients who had and had not abused cannabis before their psychosis onset.[] A case-control study was performed to determine the association between psychosis and cannabis abuse in The Gambia and the importance of other risk factors.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Pernicious Anemia

    Pernicious anemia has been associated with various psychiatric manifestations, such as depression, mania and psychosis.[] Cobalamin deficiency–related neurological impairment can vary in clinical presentation, including acute combined system degeneration, peripheral neuropathy, and psychosis.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Subacute Combined Degeneration of Spinal Cord

    […] demyelination of dorsal columns and corticospinal tract) Behavioral manifestations of Vit B12 deficiency Irritability, personality change Mild memory impairment, dementia Depression Psychosis[] Mental changes range from mild forgetfulness to severe dementia or psychosis. Severe dementia is uncommon, but in some cases, it is the first symptom of the disorder.[] Discussion This is a unique case of SCD and acute psychosis secondary to a triad of insults in a young patient.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    Symptoms in 11 patients suspected of phencyclidine intoxication included violent, aggressive behavior with delusions, hallucinations, agitation, and other signs of toxic psychosis[] This combination may have a specific antipsychotic role in the emergency treatment of PCP psychosis.[] Diazepam and chlorpromazine may be used to control the combative patient and the 'PCP psychosis' patient, respectively.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Cocaine Abuse

    Three cases are reported in which bupropion use was associated with psychosis.[] Cocaine Psychosis In the worst-case scenario, you may end up with cocaine psychosis - a none-too-nice state of craving, insomnia, paranoia, restlessness, mood swings, lack[] Psychosis can be seen in chronic users as an isolated condition or as a feature of 'excited delirium'.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Behavenet main menu Disorders Drugs People Resources Terms Movies Blog Back to top is a kind of: mental disorder » psychosis » Alcoholic Psychosis psychopathology » psychosis[] Symptoms at lower doses may include mild sedation and poor coordination. At higher doses, there may be slurred speech, trouble walking, and vomiting.[] . , clonidine or propranolol haloperidol if severe aggression or psychosis intubation - if airway loss is concern withdrawal long-acting benzodiazepines with taper addiction[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Dysequilibrium Syndrome

    968 Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 336 Retropharyngeal Abscess 970 Polycythemia 974 Rib Fracture 978 Pregnancy Trauma 984 Procedural Sedation 990 Pseudotumor Cerebri 996 Psychosis[] Microcephaly (-3 to -4 SD below the mean) has been reported in a few affected individuals. Life span.[] She was seen by the psychiatrist who diagnosed her clinically as a case of acute psychosis and prescribed risperidone for the same.[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    […] and serum vitamin B(12) level should be checked in patients who do not have an obvious cause for psychosis, seizures or hypertension.[] Although he was misdiagnosed with psychosis initially, emergence of neurological symptoms led to clinical suspicion of VB12D.[] Depression and psychosis in neurological practice. In: Daroff RB, Jankovic J, Mazziotta JC, Pomeroy SL, eds. Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice. 7th ed.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD) Poor Coordination of the Lower Extremity
  • Depression

    His presentation of altered mental status, mania, and psychosis is examined in regards to his DMT use.[] Psychotic depression occurs when a person has severe depression plus some form of psychosis, such as having disturbing false fixed beliefs (delusions) or hearing or seeing[] These include electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for depressive disorder with psychosis or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for severe depression.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD) Poor Coordination of the Lower Extremity
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Characterized by high fevers, seizures, psychosis, and meningitis-like stiffness of the neck, CNS vasculitis is the most dangerous form of lupus involving the nervous system[] Neurosarcoidosis as a cause of refractory psychosis: a complicated case report.[] Symptoms of autoimmune encephalitis include seizures; changes in memory, behavior, and cognition; and psychosis.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)

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