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1,298 Possible Causes for Microcytic Anemia, Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice, Reticulocytes Increased

  • Hereditary Spherocytosis

    Reticulocyte count: Increased Treatment: Splenectomy is indicated for moderate to severe cases, but not mild cases.[] anemia of varying degree. [3] Uraninite is a radioactive, uranium-rich mineral and ore with a chemical composition that is largely UO2, but also contains UO3 and oxides of[] MCHC, MCV and RDW aren’t elevated in all anemias…they are different in different anemias.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Thalassemia Minor

    […] count Normal May be slightly increased Slightly increased ( Mildly increased (5 - 10%) Mildly increased Hb electrophoresis Normal pattern Decreased amount of Hb A Variable[] Abstract Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and thalassemia minor are two of the most common causes of microcytic anemias worldwide.[] The peripheral smear showed hypochromic, microcytic anemia with poikilocytes and target cells. Sickling was absent and osmotic fragility was decreased.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Cooley's Anemia

    Children may develop dramatic, often life threatening drops in hematocrit with reticulocyte counts of nearly zero.[] The defective gene in Cooley's anemia is on chromosome 11. The insufficient production of the globin chains results in microcytic anemia.[] Some additional tests that may be performed to help determine the type and cause of anemia include: Reticulocyte count —result is low Erythropoietin —usually increased in[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Alpha-Thalassemia

    Reticulocytes, LDH and bilirubin are increased; haptoglobin is decreased.[] MATERIAL AND METHODS: Two hundred six patients with hypochromic microcytic anemia were evaluated for alpha thalassemia.[] Lastly, a patient may also receive folic acid supplements, particularly if they display increased levels of reticulocytes.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

    Erythrocytes fractionated by centrifugation revealed increased glycolytic enzyme activities of hexokinase, G3PD, PGK, TPI, PK, LDH, G6PD, and 6PGD in the reticulocyte-rich[] Blockade of terminal complement components presumably prolongs the survival of type III erythrocytes (since there was no simultaneous increase in reticulocytes), which are[] Intravascular hemolysis with moderate to severe anemia, an elevated reticulocyte count, and up to a 10-fold increase in lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is common in classical[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Thalassaemia-Haemoglobin C Disease

    Patients present with a moderate to severe microcytic anemia (average MCV 70 fl, Hgb 6 g/dl) and an increased reticulocyte count.[] anemia 60 33 hallmark (90%) Very frequent (99-80%) HP:0001935 3 abnormal hemoglobin 60 33 hallmark (90%) Very frequent (99-80%) HP:0011902 4 anemia 60 Very frequent (99-80%[] Markers of hemolysis include increased LDH, reticulocyte count, and direct bilirubin [1].[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Meckel Diverticulum

    Meckel's diverticulum revealed by microcytic anemia: the contribution of CT enteroclysis Diagn Interv Imaging 2014 ; 95 : 625-627 [inter-ref] [10] Platon A., Gervaz P., Becker[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Lead Poisoning

    Anemia Leukocytosis Urine microscopy of sediment or renal biopsy Acid-fast inclusion bodies in tubular nuclei Pathognomonic for lead poisoning Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin[] Creates a microcytic anemia, with basophilic stippling Often seen concurrently with iron deficiency (GI transporters will more avidly uptake heavy metals in this situation[] All three patients had microcytic microchromic anemia with basophilic stippling of the erythrocytes, lead lines in X-ray of the knee joint and high blood lead levels.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Leukoerythroblastic Anemia

    An increased absolute number of reticulocytes indicates increased marrow erythropoiesis. u. Rouleaux: red cells in stacks, as coins.[] Nephropathy 2 hemolytic anemia hypochromic anemia Leukemoid Reaction macrocytic anemia Malarial Anemia microcytic anemia multiple myeloma myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative[] […] erythropoiesis -- increased percentage of reticulocytes in peripherial blood - Low reticulocyte count: production of red blood cells affected, such as bone marrow disorder[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Nonimmune Hemolysis

    Warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia can present as short episodes of anemia, jaundice or may progress to an intermittent chronic pattern. Spleen may become enlarged.[] […] breakdown Indirect/ unconjugated bilirubin Reticulocytes : loss of erythrocytes reactive increase in erythropoiesis increase in reticulocytes in the peripheral blood In extreme[] Deficiencies in iron or lead poisoning can produce a microcytic anemia, while B12 and folate deficiencies produce a megaloblastic anemia and can be distinguished by peripheral[]

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