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153 Possible Causes for Micronodular Cirrhosis

  • Peroxisomal Disease

    We described earlier an 8 1/2 year-old with a history of progressive developmental delay, micronodular cirrhosis, and elevated very long chain fatty acids in plasma and skin[]

  • Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome

    Liver ultrastructure in abetalipoproteinemia: evolution of micronodular cirrhosis. Gastroenterology . 1974 ; 67 :107-118.[]

  • Dysmyelination with Jaundice

    Thus, the patient has a diagnosis of cryptogenic micronodular cirrhosis.[] We describe the 11 year course of an adolescent male with hepatic myelopathy caused by cryptogenic micronodular cirrhosis.[] cirrhosis.[]

  • Hepatic Vein Thrombosis

    A 31-year-old man with Child's class A micronodular cirrhosis, left lobe hypertrophy, and a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) which had been placed 6 months[]

  • Hepatopulmonary Syndrome

    ISC was overrepresented in the HPS (4/8 or 50%) and PPH livers (3/7 or 43%); in addition, neither group had micronodular cirrhosis.[] The control explants showed the entire spectrum of nodules: micronodular, macronodular, mixed CNs, and ISC (P   0.04).[] The variability of cirrhosis severity was shown with the Laennec grading system (0-6).[]

  • Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia

    A: The cut surface of the liver shows diffuse micronodular cirrhosis with a yellow-green lesion in the right lobe; B: The non-tumorous liver shows diffuse small regenerative[] The cut surface of the liver showed diffuse micronodular cirrhosis with a dark green nodule (15 mm 15 mm) in the left lobe, and a yellow, partly reddish or green, lesion with[]

  • African Iron Overload

    As with both excessive alcohol exposure and HFE hemochromatosis, hepatic portal fibrosis and micronodular cirrhosis are prominent sequelae of African iron overload.[] Direct sequelae included micronodular cirrhosis 38-41 and diabetes mellitus, 41 and indirect sequelae, ascorbic acid deficiency and osteoporosis. 42-44 More recently, associations[] Three of the five present subjects with micronodular cirrhosis had a history of chronic alcoholism.[]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    Micronodular Cirrhosis Nodules are 9.[] cirrhosis Macronodular cirrhosis Micronodular cirrhosis Mixed micro AND macronodular cirrhosis Multilobular portal cirrhosis Nonalcoholic cirrhosis Nutritional cirrhosis[] A pattern of small nodules (millimeters in diameter) is termed micronodular cirrhosis while a pattern of large nodules (centimeters in diameter) is termed macronodular cirrhosis[]

  • Tyrosinemia Type 1

    […] macronodular micronodular cirrhosis; reversion occurs primarily in macronodules (C) Chronic patient: mixed macronodular and micronodular cirrhosis with single well delimited[] Autospy was perfomed showing macro and micronodular liver cirrhosis. Kidney was markedly enlarged, however, glomeruli and tubules were relatively unaltered.[] cirrhosis with an occasional small focus of reversion when immunostained with anti-FAH antibody (B) Subacute patient: liver explant from 27 month old patient reveals mixed[]

  • Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis

    ) and micronodular cirrhosis.[] Over time, there is progression to portal-portal and portal-central bridging fibrosis that leads ultimately to micronodular cirrhosis.[] In this patient with PFIC3 there is cholestasis, inflammation, and bile duct proliferation; B: Biliary type cirrhosis in a patient with PFIC3 with severe cholestasis (arrow[]

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