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198 Possible Causes for Microretrognathia

  • Epignathus

    […] epignathus can be associated with diverse malformations of the palate, upper and lower jaw such as Pierre Robin syndrome, with features like cleft palate, glossoptosis and microretrognathia[]

  • Cortical Blindness-Intellectual Disability-Polydactyly Syndrome

    Clinical description The reported infants also had a prominent forehead, short nose, long philtrum, and microretrognathia.[] Polydactyly via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing: Symptoms via clinical synopsis from OMIM: 57 HEENT: short nose prominent forehead long philtrum microretrognathia[] […] phenotypes related to Cortical Blindness, Retardation, and Postaxial Polydactyly: 59 32 (show all 17) # Description HPO Frequency Orphanet Frequency HPO Source Accession 1 microretrognathia[]

  • 10q22.3q23.3 Microduplication Syndrome

    […] type (Microretrognathia) Acrocallosal syndrome (Microretrognathia) Acrofacial dysostosis Catania type (Microretrognathia) Adducted thumbs Dundar type (Microretrognathia)[] Frequent (79-30%) HP:0000252 5 abnormality of the philtrum 59 32 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0000288 6 full cheeks 59 32 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0000293 7 microretrognathia[] […] flat facies, high forehead, reduced scalp hair over the frontal and temporal regions, hypertelorism, a broad nasal bridge, a small anteverted nose, a high arched palate, microretrognathia[]

  • Mosaic Trisomy 1

    The patient also had some minor anomalies such as short philtrum, full everted lower lip, microretrognathia, flexion contracture on his left thumb, deep palmar and plantar[]

  • Lateral Meningocele Syndrome

    […] anomalies, hypotonia and meningocele-related neurologic dysfunction. [1] Presentation [ edit ] Facial features found in this syndrome include dolichocephaly hypertelorism ptosis microretrognathia[] Dysmorphic features include dolichocephaly, hypertelorism, ptosis, microretrognathia, high-arched palate, long, flat philtrum, and low-set ears.[] […] small nares, long philtrum and thin upper vermillion, highly arched palate, bifid uvula, short upper lingual frenulum, asymmetric low set ears with short canals, significant microretrognathia[]

  • Cri Du Chat Syndrome

    We report on a new case of a girl presenting with an abnormal cry, upslanting palpebral fissures, hypertelorism, anteverted nostrils, microretrognathia, growth retardation[] The main orofacial anomalies registered were mandibular microretrognathia, high palate but rarely cleft, variable malocclusion (frequently anterior open-bite), enamel hypoplasia[] 0000368 Microcephaly Abnormally small skull Decreased circumference of cranium Decreased size of skull Reduced head circumference Small head circumference [ more ] 0000252 Microretrognathia[]

  • Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita

    The baby had facial dysmorphic features as microretrognathia and low seat ears. The cranial ultrasound and the abdominal Doppler ultrasound were normal.[]

  • Mifepristone

    At 33 weeks and 3 days of gestation, the woman gave birth to a male with left facial palsy, microretrognathia, and axial hypotonia related to Möbius syndrome.[]

  • DiGeorge Syndrome

    In the fourth case there was heart disease, microretrognathia, hypertelorism, short neck, absence of thymus and parathyroid glands.[]

  • Nager Syndrome

    The craniofacial manifestations comprise down-slanting palpebral fissures, absent lower eyelashes, malar hypoplasia, microretrognathia, cleft palate, and external ear malformations[]

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