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1,122 Possible Causes for Midline Defects

  • Lethal Midline Granuloma

    One of the causes of such defects is midline lethal granuloma, which is a destructive granulomatous lesion of uncertain aetiology, involving the nose, paranasal sinuses and[] These midfacial defects lead to functional and cosmetic deficiencies.[] Prosthetic rehabilitation of the midfacial defects has always perplexed maxillofacial prosthodontists.[]

  • Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy Type 4B

    […] cleft of lower lip Midline defects autosomal type Midline defects recessive type Midline developmental field defects Midline field defects Midline lethal granuloma Midphalangeal[] […] impairment, and cleft palate Microtia, meatal atresia and conductive deafness Microtia-Anotia Microvillus inclusion disease Middle ear infection Middle East respiratory syndrome Midline[]

  • Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

    Common causes of central DI include intra-ventricular hemorrhage, congenital infection and midline defects.[] However, CDI in infants is rare, and has been associated to intraventricular hemorrhage, congenital infection, midline defects and septo-optic dysplasia [ 4 ].[]

  • Short Rib-Polydactyly Syndrome Type Beemer-Langer

    Two additional abnormalities are present, namely hypo- thalamic hamartoma and a midline defect in the occipi- tal bone which have not been reported in Beemer- Langer syndrome[] . • The brain may be normal or altered by agenesis of the corpus callosum , cerebral dysgenesis, porencephaly , or midline cerebral and cerebellar defects. • Research has[] This defect need not be taken as specific for the hydrolethalus syndrome and may represent a defect in ossification.[]

  • Trisomy 18

    Craniofacial malformations are common congenital defects caused by failed midline inductive signals.[] The major midline dysmorphic features of trisomy 13 are due to a defect in the fusion of the midline prechordial mesoderm in the first three weeks of gestation.[] […] arteriosus, a defect of the lower sternum, a midline supraumbilical abdominal wall defect with omphalocele, congenital left posterior diaphragmatic hernia (Bochdalek hernia[]

  • Vitreoretinal Degeneration

    Wagner's vitreoretinal degeneration, midline facial defects and a moderate generalized epiphyseal dysplasia defined radiologically were encountered in a boy and his father[] The presence of a congenital midline scalp defect should alert the clinician to possible underlying central nervous system and/or ocular pathology and should lead to consideration[] Data from these families imply that congenital occipital scalp defects rather than true encephaloceles may, as is true in some cases of Meckel syndrome, accompany Knobloch[]

  • Polyhydramnios

    Opitz G/BBB syndrome is a congenital disorder characterized by midline defects, such as hypertelorism, cleft lip and/or palate, hypospadias, and by dysphagia often caused[]

  • Low-Grade Astrocytoma

    We report on a child with midline facial defects with hypertelorism (MFDH), median cleft lip, sphenoidal ventriculocele, partial agenesis of the corpus callosum, and low-grade[]

  • Panhypopituitarism

    These data demonstrate that homozygous HESX1 mutation causing an R160H substitution can result in panhypopituitarism without midline defects.[] We report on a neonate with unexplained heart failure and minor physical anomalies, suggesting a midline defect. She was diagnosed with complete CPHD.[] Children with congenital midline defects or optic atrophy (which suggests the presence of septo-optic dysplasia) and boys with micropenis due to deficit gonadotropin hormones[]

  • Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

    Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) is a rare congenital syndrome characterized by gigantism, macroglossia, exophthalmos, postpartum hypoglycemia, and multiple midline defects[] […] the association between BWS and midline defects.[] BWS is characterized by large body size, enlarged organs, macroglossia (enlarged tongue), midline abdominal wall defects (omphalocele/exomphalos, umblicial hernia, diastasis[]

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