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17 Possible Causes for Midline Defects, Periumbilical Pain, Polydactyly

  • Meckel Syndrome

    Polydactyly was missed by ultrasound in all seven cases due to the marked oligohydramnion.[] Defects of the midline, such as agenesis of the corpus callosum and cerebellar vermis, are frequent features of MKS and Joubert syndrome (JBTS).[] The pathologic reports revealed type I polycystic kidney, bile duct proliferation, fibrosis of the portal area, encephalocele and polydactyly.[]

  • Non-Syndromic Tibial Hemimelia

    […] syndrome Microphthalmia, Lenz type Microphthalmia-ankyloblepharon-intellectual disability syndrome Microphthalmia-brain atrophy syndrome Midline interhemispheric variant[] […] skin causing severe pain and therefore he applied pressure by the left hand to prevent discharge from coming out.[] In contrast, the described infants of diabetic mothers had tibial hemimelia and specific proximal hallucal polydactyly, a form of polydactyly that has been described as being[]

  • Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction - Patent Ductus Arteriosus - Natal Teeth

    A.2 Morgagni Hernias First described in 1769, Morgagni Hernias (MH) are rare congenital diaphragmatic defects close to the anterior midline between the costal and sternal[] […] lower lip cleft lateral canthi chorioretinal * Cleft palate cardiac defect ectrodactyly * Cleft palate colobomata radial synostosis deafness * Cleft palate heart disease polydactyly[] Postaxial polydactyly of the feet does occur, as does (partial) syndactyly of the second and third toes or third and fourth fingers.[]

  • Chest Wall Disorder

    Through a midline incision over the defect, excision of all deformed cartilage from the perichondrium, division of the xiphoid from the sternum, division of the intercostals[] […] joint arthralgia ( M26.62- ) Periumbilical pain Abdominal pain, periumbilical (around navel) ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code R10.33 Periumbilical pain 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable[] Salazar-D; Wilcox-WR; Rimoin-DL; Cohn-DH Exclusion of the Ellis-van Creveld region on chromosome 4p16 in some families with asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy and short-rib polydactyly[]

  • Urethral Valve Formation

    Symptoms include pain, fever, umbilical drainage, periumbilical mass, and UTI.[] The patient also had bilateral polydactyly feet (six toes in each foot) [Figure 2].[] The events probably, started in the antenatal period before the formation of the phallus as evidenced by distortion of the midline raphe that represents midline fusion of[]

  • Congenital Malrotation of the Colon

    Omphalocele is an abdominal wall defect at the midline covered only by amnion and peritoneum containing bowel loops.[] She had no surgical history and presented with paroxysmal periumbilical abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.[] […] syndrome, polydactyly with neonatal chondrodystrophy, type i, short rib-polydactyly syndrome, type iii;srps3, verma-naumoff syndrome, polydactyly with neonatal chondrodystrophy[]

  • Congenital Bilateral Megacalycosis

    The persistence of the cloacal membrane prevents the midline fusion of the mesenchymal structures of the primitive abdominal wall at a time when the urorectal septum has not[] Other presentations include abdominal pain, periumbilical mass, periumbilical erythema, and urinary symptoms.[] Additional skeletal features described in the Schinzel-Giedion syndrome include polydactyly and talipes equiovarus. These were not present in this patient.[]

  • Anonychia Congenita Totalis

    […] optic disc drusen Microphthalmia with brain and digit anomalies Microphthalmia with colobomatous cyst Microphthalmia with limb anomalies Microphthalmia with linear skin defects[] Excludes 1: vulvodynia (N94.81) R10.30 Lower abdominal pain, unspecified R10.31 Right lower quadrant pain R10.32 Left lower quadrant pain R10.33 Periumbilical pain R10.811[] Broad hallux phalanx Foot polydactyly Partial agenesis of the corpus callosum Kyphosis Preaxial polydactyly Hyperglycemia Preaxial hand polydactyly Joint contracture of the[]

  • Bilateral Temporo-Occipital Polymicrogyria

    A small midline occipital defect with encephalocele was detected [Figure 3].[] Another helpful distinguishing feature of epilepsy with severe abdominal pain could be the localization of ictal pain, that is most commonly periumbilical or upper abdominal[] MalaCards based summary : Polymicrogyria, Bilateral Temporooccipital, also known as polymicrogyria , is related to polymicrogyria and megalencephaly-polymicrogyria-polydactyly-hydrocephalus[]

  • Spastic Paraplegia - Precocious Puberty

    Hypoglycaemia secondary to ACTH or growth hormone deficiency may go unrecognized in the presence of a complex disorder with a midline defect.[] Abdominal Pain, Infancy Abdominal Pain, Left Lower Quadrant Abdominal Pain, Left Upper Quadrant Abdominal Pain, Nonsurgical Causes Abdominal Pain, Periumbilical Abdominal[] An embryonic lethal disorder characterized by hydrocephaly or anencephaly, postaxial polydactyly of the upper limbs, and pre- or postaxial polydactyly of the lower limbs.[]

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