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125 Possible Causes for Migraine, Positive Romberg Sign

  • Facial Hemiatrophy

    We describe a 35-year-old man with PFH and frequent hemiplegic migraine.[] Romberg's Sign -Tests proprioception (balance with eyes open, hop on one food, knee bend and walk straight) Most patients will also have abnormal vibratory testing EMG testing[] Almost half of our patients presented with CNS manifestations comprising unilateral headache, migraine and epilepsy with or without abnormalities on MRI.[]

  • Familial Dysautonomia

    This compound has been implicated to take part in the pathogenesis of migraine.[] Older patients had a greater tendency toward increased dysfunction in pain sensation, joint position and Romberg's sign, and vibratory sense.[] (This study showed that older FD patients had a greater tendency towards increased dysfunction in pain sensations, joint position, Romberg's sign, and vibratory sense.)[]

  • Cerebellar Ataxia - Neuropathy - Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome

    Individual chapters address benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, vestibular migraine, vestibular neuritis, stroke, and Ménière's disease.[] All patients showed gait and limb ataxia, positive Romberg sign, cerebellar dysarthria, gaze-evoked nystagmus, absent deep tendon reflexes, and impaired vibratory sensation[] Perhaps CANVAS with cardiac findings, with diabetes, with vestibular migraine.[]

  • Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephalitis

    For Bickerstaff's migraine, see basilar migraine .[] She had positive Romberg sign and failed the right heel-knee-tibia tests.[] Irini; Kastrup, Oliver; Jähne-Blasberg, Andreas; Diener, Hans Christoph; Katsarava, Zaza; Frings, Markus No evidence of jugular venous valve insufficiency in patients with migraine[]

  • Spinal Cord Compression

    […] spine (C0-C2), this can cause symptoms such as nerve irritation and vertebrobasilar insufficiency with associated vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness , facial pain, arm pain, and migraine[] Romberg sign.[] Without addressing the cervical ligament laxity, CREEP, conditions that originate from joint instability can wreak havoc on a patient’s life in the form of chronic headaches, migraines[]

  • Dysautonomia

    This website has been created to share the research underway in those poorly managed areas such as migraine, fibromyalgia and dysautonomia (or autonomic dysfunction, where[] (This study showed that older FD patients had a greater tendency towards increased dysfunction in pain sensations, joint position, Romberg's sign, and vibratory sense.)[] The publication is reporting a 50% or greater reduction in the average number of migraine days per month.[]

  • Ptosis

    Ophthalmoplegic migraine • Ophthalmoplegic Migraine is a rare eye disorder, previously called a “complicated migraine”, which is also recognized as cranial neuralgia by the[] Initial neurological examination revealed left eyelid ptosis, hyporeflexia, positive Romberg sign, and ataxia. The ice pack test was negative.[] This is especially important if you notice that migraine headaches or other issues have shown up since you first noticed the drooping.[]

  • Central Nervous System Disorder

    […] of aura, might be a direct trigger of migraine.[] Other signs are general ataxia, hyperesthesia and paraesthesia, anesthesia, positive Romberg's sign, and muscle atonia.[] Vestibular migraine (migraine-related vertigo, or migrainous vertigo), for example, shows a predilection for women.[]

  • Cerebral Toxoplasmosis

    Headache and/or migraine, a common problem in pediatrics and internal medicine, affect about 5% to 10% children and adolescents, and nearly 30% of middle-aged women.[] He had an unsteady gait, a positive Romberg's sign, decreased plantar reflex on the right and decreased visual acuity in both eyes.[] On examination, the patient was afebrile and had essentially stable vital signs. There were no cardiac murmurs and his chest was clear to auscultation.[]

  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    […] redness, heat, pain, and itching at the injection site), headache, diarrhea, fatigue, back pain, nausea, extremity pain, cough, rash, pruritus, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, migraine[] Coordination: Patients may have sensory ataxia with positive Romberg sign due to damage to the large nerve fibers that convey proprioception.[]

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