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913 Possible Causes for Migrainous Stroke

  • Migraine

    Prophylactic therapy of migraine with aura may be beneficial in preventing migrainous stroke.[] .: Migrainous stroke. Arch Neurol 1988, 45 :63–67. PubMed Google Scholar 8.[] Migrainous stroke is only diagnosed when all other possible causes of stroke have been eliminated and the patient has irreversibility of the usual aura, associated with an[]

  • Migrainous Stroke

    Twenty-two patients with acute migraine-associated stroke were prospectively evaluated; 91% were female, and 23% had a prior history of presumed migrainous stroke.[] Abstract The pathogenesis of migrainous stroke is controversial.[] […] for migrainous stroke from the migraine population at large.[]

  • CADASIL Syndrome

    A history of migraine prior to stroke onset was associated with a lower cumulative incidence of stroke, compared to individuals without migraine or who developed migraine[] Symptoms include migraines, strokes, memory loss, and dementia. There are no treatments. Researchers want to study people who have CADASIL to learn more about it.[] Definition • Inherited non-atherosclerotic, non-amyloid small vessel angiopathy • Causing migraine, stroke and subcortical vascular dementia that starts in early adulthood[]

  • Common Cold

    Hu HXMarkson LELipton RBStewart WFBerger ML Burden of migraine in the United States: disability and economic costs.[] American Heart Association, 2001 Heart and Stroke Statistical Update. Dallas, Tex American Heart Association2000; 48.[]

  • Vaginal Candidiasis

    HIV and AIDS Lupus Popular topics Autoimmune diseases Carpal tunnel syndrome Depression Irritable bowel syndrome Migraine Thyroid disease Urinary tract infections All A-Z[] […] topics Caregiver stress Folic acid Heart-healthy eating Iron-deficiency anemia Stress and your health All A-Z health topics Diseases and Conditions Cancer Heart Disease and Stroke[]

  • Basilar-Type Migraine

    Migraine with aura does have a slightly higher stroke risk than migraine without aura, so optimal prevention and knowledge of stroke risk factors and their control is important[] Infarctions are well-recognized complications of the more common forms of migraine and are among the most frequent causes of strokes in young adults.[] Any use of cigarettes or oral contraception alongside your basilar migraines can also put you at an increased risk for stroke.[]

  • Patent Foramen Ovale

    KEYWORDS: Patent foramen ovale; migraine; stroke; transient ischaemic attack[] Evidence shows that closing the PFO can decrease the frequency of migraines or reduce the risk of having a stroke.[] The possible link between patent foramen ovale and stroke or migraine is controversial and research studies are ongoing.[]

  • Stroke

    Is there a risk of stroke during a migraine attack?[] Overview Videos News Related Conditions Hypertension Cholesterol Diabetes (Type 2) Heart Disease Headaches and Migraines A stroke is a reduction in blood supply to the brain[] stroke Any migraine and transient ischaemic attack Any migraine and haemorrhagic stroke Any migraine and any stroke Any migraine and myocardial infarction Any migraine and[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    A neurologist is a doctor with specialized training in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, migraine[]

  • Menopause

    There is no research based evidence to suggest that women who have migraine and are using HRT have an increased risk of having a stroke (ischemic CVA).[] What are the risks of HRT for women with migraine?[]

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