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8 Possible Causes for Mild Global Cerebral Atrophy

  • Fragile X-Associated Tremor - Ataxia Syndrome

    […] parkinsonism, (2) has the middle cerebellar peduncle (MCP) sign, global cerebellar and cerebral atrophy, and/or subcortical white matter lesions on MRI, or (3) has a family[] […] and testing for the Fragile X mental retardation 1 (FMR1) gene premutation if a patient over the age of 50 (1) presents with cerebellar ataxia and/or intention tremor with mild[]

  • Cerebellar Atrophy

    […] cortex and cerebellar vermis atrophy with mild cerebellar hemisphere atrophy, associated with profound global developmental delay.[] […] central nervous system malformation syndrome characterized by congenital, progressive microcephaly, neonatal to infancy-onset of severe, intractable seizures, and diffuse cerebral[]

  • Hyperphosphatasia with Mental Retardation Syndrome 3

    atrophy ; Cleft palate ; Congenital onset ; Elevated alkaline phosphatase ; Generalized hypotonia ; Global developmental delay ; Hyperphosphatemia ; Intellectual disability[] , mild ; Intellectual disability, severe ; Microcephaly ; Seizures ; Short nose ; Tented upper lip vermilion ; Wide nasal bridge Associated Genes PGAP2 (Withdrawn symbols:[] RECESSIVE 21; MRT21 Classification bone, developmental, genetic, metabolism, neurological Phenotypes Absent speech ; Autosomal recessive inheritance ; Broad nasal tip ; Cerebral[]

  • Sea-blue histiocytosis

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain showed global diffuse cerebral and mild cerebellar atrophy [Figure 1] .[] Figure 1: Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showing global diffuse cerebral and mild cerebellar atrophy Click here to view Our second patient was a 23-year-old unmarried[] Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen revealed mild splenomegaly.[]

  • Glutaric Aciduria Type 2

    After 5 months, mild developmental delay was noted and the cerebral MRI displayed a global increase of atrophy and bilateral cytotoxic edema posteromedially in the lentiform[]

  • Alopecia - Hypogonadism - Extrapyramidal Syndrome

    atrophy Scoliosis Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Global developmental delay Areflexia Intellectual disability, mild Obsessive-compulsive behavior Abnormality of mitochondrial[] […] metabolism Olivopontocerebellar atrophy Pontocerebellar atrophy Fasciculations Abnormal cerebellum morphology Cerebral palsy Incoordination Postural tremor Hyperactive deep[] Anxiety Postural instability Muscle weakness Peripheral neuropathy Horizontal nystagmus Autosomal recessive inheritance Truncal ataxia Limb ataxia Progressive Myoclonus Cerebral[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Frontotemporal Pachygyria

    , Dandy–Walker malformations, and global cerebral atrophy are more commonly associated with the N-linked CDG.[] Morava et al 3 describe mild skeletal abnormalities in their cohort including delayed closure of the anterior fontanel and decreased bone mineralisation.[] […] less severe, and may involve fronto-parietal pachygyria, polymicrogyria, cerebellar hypoplasia, and flattening of the pons and brain stem. 6 However, cerebellar hypoplasia/atrophy[]

  • Weakness of Orbicularis Oculi Muscles

    […] developmental delay Hypertelorism Abnormality of the skeletal system Delayed skeletal maturation Inguinal hernia Cerebral atrophy Behavioral abnormality Malar flattening[] […] differentiation Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Mucosal telangiectasiae Decreased proportion of CD4-positive T cells Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the thymus Immunoglobulin IgG2 deficiency Global[] Kyphosis Intellectual disability, mild Hydrocephalus Depressed nasal bridge Intellectual disability, severe Ventriculomegaly Frontal bossing Short neck Macrocephaly Hyperreflexia[]

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