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4 Possible Causes for Minimal Rotational Nystagmus

  • Congenital Stationary Night Blindness Type 1E

    Night Blindness, Congenital Stationary, CSNB1E Clinical Characteristics Ocular Features: Night blindness is a feature of many pigmentary and other retinal disorders, most of which are progressive. However, there is also a group of genetically heterogeneous disorders, with generally stable scotopic defects and without[…][]

  • Usher Syndrome Type 1

    A total of 117 children were examined by Minimized Rotation. In 19 children (16.2%) no rotational nystagmus was found.[] The examination procedure is named "Minimized Rotation".[] The vestibular function of deaf children was examined by Minimized Rotation during their preoperative cochlear implant candidacy examination.[]

  • Loss of Vision

    Horizontal recession of the medial rectus of the fixing eye minimized the abduction nystagmus and relieved the need to adduct the fixing eye and subsequently rotate the head[]

  • Infantile Periodic Alternating Nystagmus

    Description Position (Primary or gaze-related) Frequency (Rapid or slow) Null zone:  Nystagmus is minimal in this field of gaze (this may be left or right or on convergence[]  Direction  May be horizontal, vertical or rotational (Described by the direction of fast phase) Waveform (Jerk or pendular) Amplitude (How far the eye moves) Gauri S[]

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