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119 Possible Causes for Mitral Valve Prolapse, Thickening of the Mitral Valve Leaflets

  • Mitral Valve Prolapse

    We present a comprehensive review of mitral valve prolapse, examining normal mitral anatomy, the clinical and echocardiographic features of mitral valve prolapse, and the[] Two groups of patients were compared: those with thickening of the mitral-valve leaflets and redundancy (designated the classic form; n 319) and those without leaflet thickening[] Abstract Mitral valve prolapse is a benign condition. Mitral regurgitation is only complicated in patients with severe mitral valve prolapse.[]

  • Myxoid Transformation of the Mitral Valve

    […] links [ edit ] Mitral valve prolapse at Curlie[] […] orifice (disorder) Systolic anterior movement of mitral valve Systolic anterior movement of mitral valve (disorder) Thickened mitral leaflet Thickened mitral leaflet (disorder[] The solutionRESEARCHinical significance of cutaneousoteoglycan (mucin) infiltration in patientsith mitral valve prolapsethe Editor: Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) occurs in4%[]

  • Mitral Valve Stenosis

    valve prolapse.[] Mitral stenosis is characterized by thickening and immobility of the mitral valve leaflets.[] […] exercise intolerance A rapid, fluttering heartbeat (palpitations) Chest pain Mitral valve prolapse Symptoms of mitral valve prolapse can be mild or develop gradually.[]

  • Mitral Valve Disease

    What is mitral valve prolapse (MVP)?[] At surgery, nodular thickening of both valves and fusion of the posterior leaflet of the mitral valve were seen.[] […] by weakening and ballooning Etiology Rheumatic heart disease–thickening, rigidity, retraction of mitral valve leaflets; ASHD, HTN, left ventricular enlargement, connective[]

  • Congenital Mitral Stenosis

    […] showing posterior leaflet mitral valve prolapse.[] Definition (CSP) rheumatic disease causing diffuse thickening of the mitral valve leaflets by fibrous tissue or calcific deposits.[] If they don't, you could have Regurgitation - when blood leaks back through the valve in the wrong direction Mitral valve prolapse - when one of the valves, the mitral valve[]

  • Mitral Valve Insufficiency

    So now let's talk about mitral valve prolapse. So mitral valve prolapse is when the valve actually billows or bulges into the left atrium.[] Abstract Mitral valve insufficiency in rheumatic heart disease is often due to retracted posterior chordae and posterior leaflet thickening.[] valve prolapse were classified into two groups: those with thickening and redundancy of the mitral valve leaflets ("classic") and those without ("non classic") in an attempt[]

  • Familial Mitral Valve Prolapse

    Thirteen patients had evidence of neither condition and 1 had mitral valve prolapse alone.[] […] by the displacement of an abnormally thickened mitral valve leaflet into the left atrium during systole. [ 1 ] There are various types of MVP, broadly classified as classic[] KEYWORDS: familial mitral valve prolapse; filamin; myxomatous degeneration; transforming growth factor beta[]

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease

    […] of aortic stenosis due to degenerative calcific disease, bicuspid aortic valve disease, and mitral valve prolapse.[] Echocardiography evaluation showed thickened aortic and mitral valve leaflets with mild to moderate degree of mitral regurgitation.[] The mitral valve can be thickened, calcified, have restricted movement and the mitral valve leaflets fused together. The aortic valve may also be thickened.[]

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

    Because none of these symptoms is unique to HCM, the condition is often misdiagnosed as exercise-induced asthma, mitral valve prolapse, or anxiety/depression.[] […] of an anomalous papillary muscle [arrow] onto the ventricular surface of the anterior mitral leaflet).[] […] atrial enlargement Small ventricular chamber size Septal hypertrophy Mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation Decreased mid-aortic flow Partial systolic closure of the[]

  • Rheumatic Valvulitis

    […] billowing is “floppy valve” and when chordal rupture, the prolapsed mitral valve is “flail”.[] Mitral & tricuspid valves show leaflet thickening, commissural fusion, shortening, thickening & fusion of tendinous cords 13.[] Grossly, the mitral leaflet was opaque and thickened with granularity along the line of valve closure.[]

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