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4 Possible Causes for Moderate-Low Complement C3

  • Glomerulonephritis

    In contrast, larger spectra numbers for C3, moderate spectra numbers for C9, complement factor H-related protein-1 and low spectra numbers for C4, C5 and immunoglobulins were[]

  • Tenorio Syndrome

    OMIM : 57 Tenorio syndrome is characterized by overgrowth, macrocephaly, and intellectual disability (ID). Some patients may have mild hydrocephaly, hypoglycemia, and inflammatory diseases resembling Sjogren syndrome (270150) (summary by Tenorio et al., 2014). (616260) MalaCards based summary : Tenorio Syndrome, is[…][]

  • Hemorrhage

    These patients have low levels of the third component of the complement system (C3), which is associated with genetic mutation of Factor H gene (CHF).[] Laboratory findings typically are moderate to severe thrombocytopenia, indications of hemolysis with elevated reticulocyte count, elevated LDH and negative DAT.[]

  • Pleural Tuberculosis

    Pleural fluid had low C3 and C4 complement levels.[] Pleural biopsy was performed and the histopathological examination revealed patchy, moderately dense chronic inflammatory exudates with fibrinoid necrotic material.[]

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