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1,371 Possible Causes for Moderate to Severe Mental Retardation - IQ 40 to 60

Did you mean: Moderate to, Severe Mental Retardation, - IQ 40 to 60

  • Acrocallosal Syndrome

    It is characterised by moderate to severe mental retardation, hypotonia, agenesis of the corpus callosum and preaxial polydactyly involving both feet and the facial features[] Typical characteristics of ACLS are hypoplasia/agenesis of corpus callosum, moderate to severe mental retardation, characteristic craniofacial abnormalities, distinctive digital[] Neurodevelopmental aspects include hypotonia of prenatal onset, seizures and moderate to severe mental retardation.[]

  • Patau Syndrome

    Survivors suffer from severe mental retardation and health problems all their lives.[] mental retardation may complicate survival Please rate topic.[] Survivors with Patau syndrome exhibit severe mental retardation and developmental delays and are at increased risk for malignancy.[]

  • Mowat-Wilson Syndrome

    Mowat-Wilson syndrome (MWS) is characterized by severe mental retardation with seizures, specific facial dysmorphism, Hirschsprung disease, anomalies of the corpus callosum[] The syndrome is characterized by typical facial features, moderate-to-severe mental retardation, epilepsy and variable congenital malformations, including Hirschsprung disease[] Mowat-Wilson syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by a distinct facial appearance, moderate-to-severe mental retardation, microcephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum[]

  • Profound Mental Retardation

    mentally retarded male patient with dysmorphic features.[] Because the DMD gene is located at Xp21.2, which is one breakpoint of the inv(X), and because its defects are rarely associated with severe mental retardation, the other clinical[] mental retardation.[]

  • Chudley-Rozdilsky Syndrome

    The only two patients ever described suffered from a congenital non-progressive myopathy of type multiminicore myopathy, severe mental retardation, short stature and facial[] Characterized by a congenital, nonprogressive myopathy secondary to (proved histologically and electron microscopically) Multicore myopathy, severe mental retardation, radiologic[] mental retardation Mental retardation, severe Severe mental retardation [ more ] 0010864 Myopia Close sighted Near sighted Near sightedness Nearsightedness [ more ] 0000545[]

  • Mental Retardation

    Severe mental retardation: IQ 20–25 to 35–40; can be taught basic life skills and simple tasks with supervision.[] Classification (Mental retardation – moderate) Mental retardation – severe ICD-9 code: 318.1 ICD-10 – Severe mental retardation F72 An individual has severe mental retardation[] Based on twin studies, moderate to severe mental retardation does not appear to be familial, but mild mental retardation does.[]

  • Goiter

    Cretinism  Hypothyroidism developing in infancy/early childhood  Severe mental retardation occurs in iodine deficient areas of world (i.e., Himalayas, inland China, Africa[] mental retardation  Normal brain development if maternal thyroid deficiency occurs after fetal thyroid gland development 47. 48.[] Cretinism Clinical features:  Impaired skeletal development  Impaired CNS development  Inadequate maternal thyroid hormone prior to fetal thyroid gland formation  SEVERE[]

  • Warburg Micro Syndrome 3

    mental retardation, spastic diplegia, and hypogonadism.[] mental retardation, spastic diplegia, and hypogonadism (summary by Morris-Rosendahl et al., 2010).[] […] recessive syndrome characterized by microcephaly, microphthalmia, microcornea, congenital cataracts, optic atrophy, cortical dysplasia, in particular corpus callosum hypoplasia, severe[]

  • Pregnancy

    Discussion: severe mental retardation and cancer among atomic bomb survivors exposed in utero.[]

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    At the clinical level, WARBM is characterized by microcephaly, microphthalmia, microcornea, congenital cataracts, corpus callosum hypoplasia, severe mental retardation, and[]

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