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1,846 Possible Causes for moiety

  • Influenza

    It is the action of these two moieties that result in the symptoms of influenza as well as necrosis of the superficial layers of the respiratory epithelium.[]

  • Chlorpropamide

    It is possible that the sulfonamide moiety of the chlorpropamide was implicated in the development of the colitis.[]

  • Prednimustine

    Following treatment with 3H, 14C-prednimustine (3H in the prednisolone moiety, 14C in the chlorambucil moiety) and subsequent gel filtration, about 40% of the cytosolic chlorambucil[] The median relative availability of the prednisolone and chlorambucil moiety in prednimustine was 19% and 16%, respectively.[] The data indicate that the MT-rich cells possess increased resistance to prednimustine due to a sequestration by MT of the alkylating moiety.[]

  • Primaquine

    Abstract A series of novel compounds 3a-j and 6a-j with primaquine and hydroxyl or halogen substituted benzene moieties bridged by urea or bis-urea functionalities were designed[] Two major primary routes of metabolism were observed-oxidative deamination of the terminal amine and hydroxylations on the quinoline moiety of PQ.[]

  • Ranitidine

    Incorporation of a variety of isosteric groups indicated that appropriate aromatic moieties provide optimal interactions with the hydrophobic and π-π interactions with the[] These results as a whole indicate that the 4-nitropyridazine moiety of the JWS-USC-75IX parent ranitidine compound (JWS) can be replaced with other chemotypes while retaining[]

  • Quinacrine

    The chemical reaction alters the prion properties and increases the concentration of the acridine moiety in the prion protein.[] We hypothesize that aromatic nucleophilic substitution at C9 could be contributing factor responsible for this failure because of the transfer of acridine moiety from quinacrine[] The acridine moieties interact with each other through pi-stacking effects, and one acridine interacts in a similar fashion with a tryptophan residue.[]

  • Seaweed

    […] by means of a stepwise, decarboxylative condensation pathway established the PKS-assisted biosynthesis of the parent macrolactin and the side-chain 5-hydroxyhept-3-enoate moiety[]

  • Penicillamine

    Therefore, to enhance the intracellular delivery and to protect the thiol moiety of D-pen, we designed, synthesized, and evaluated a novel gelatin-D-pen conjugate.[]

  • Ovariectomy

    […] therefore tested the hypothesis that vitamin K catabolites, 5-carbon (CAN5C) and 7-carbon carboxylic acid (CAN7C) aliphatic side-chain derivatives of the naphthoquinone moiety[]

  • Piroxicam

    CONCLUSIONS: we present a case of photodermatitis and dermatitis to piroxicam, in a patient with contact allergy to the thiosalicylic moiety of thimerosal, in which cross-reactivity[]

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