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27 Possible Causes for Moro Reflex Absent

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  • Congenital Lethal Myopathy Type Compton-North

    Disease Type of connection Benign adult familial myoclonic epilepsy Acroosteolysis dominant type Alagille syndrome due to a NOTCH2 point mutation Brugada syndrome Dravet syndrome Familial atrial fibrillation Familial progressive cardiac conduction defect Generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures-plus context Intellectual[…][]

  • CHARGE Syndrome

    This suggestion has implications for the diagnostic and prognostic relevance of an isolated absent Moro reflex.[]

  • Asphyxia

    Moro reflex is absent in the fractured limb. X-rays verifies the diagnosis Splinting is rarely needed as Callus formation is rapid . 2.[] Moderate HIE• Lethargic, significant hypotonia• Diminished deep tendon reflexes.• Grasp, Moro, and sucking reflexes may be sluggish or absent.• Occasional periods of apnea[] reflex is absent. - Recovery usually occurs as the nerves are compressed or stretched.[]

  • Syndesmodysplasic Dwarfism

    5 lateral four toes Absent Moro reflex Absent normal thyroid and ectopic goiter on technetium 99 thyroid scintigram Absent or abnormal dynein arms of sperm and respiratory[] […] frontal sinuses Absent in utero ossification pedicles rib vertebral bodies Absent metacarpals 5th first Absent metatarsals 5th first Absent middle phalanges fingers 2 and[] […] at rectum and extending proximally by varying degrees Absent eyebrows Absent eyebrows and eyelashes Absent eyelashes inner lower partial partial to total partial to total Absent[]

  • Ventricular Hemorrhage

    Moro reflex 8. 8) Seizures 9) A sudden drop in hematocrit 10) Failure to suck well 11) Change in muscle tone or level of consciousness In large IVH, there may be: 1) Rapid[] The most common symptoms are: Diminished/absent Moro reflex. Poor muscle tone. Sleepiness. Lethargy. Apnoea.[] […] grade I & II IVH hemorrhage) or there may be subtle symptoms. e.g. 1) Apnea 2) Bradycardia 3) Acidosis 4) Cutaneous mottling 5) A bulging fontanel 6) High pitched cry 7) Absent[]

  • Erb Duchenne Palsy

    Biceps reflex is absent. Moro reflex is absent on the affected side. Sensory impairment on the outer aspect of the arm (unusual).[] The Moro reflex is absent on the side of injury. The health care provider will examine the collarbone to look for a fracture.[] They may include: No movement in the newborn's upper or lower arm or hand Absent Moro reflex on the affected side Arm extended (straight) at elbow and held against body Decreased[]

  • Posthemorrhagic Anaemia of the Newborn

    The most common symptoms are: Diminished/absent Moro reflex. Poor muscle tone. Sleepiness. Lethargy. Apnoea.[]

  • Bilirubin Encephalopathy

    reflex.[] Other neonatal reflexes were absent. He had no organomegaly, and heart and lungs were normal on auscultation.[] On neurological examination, the baby was irritable with a shrill cry, anterior fontanel was normal, and there was intermittent hypertonia of limbs and an incomplete Moro's[]

  • MORM Syndrome

    The Moro reflex is impaired in the early stage of kernicterus and it is absent in the late stage of kernicterus .[] An absent or inadequate Moro response on one side is found in infants with hemiplegia , brachial plexus palsy , or a fractured clavicle .[] History [ edit ] The reflex was first described in western medicine by Austrian pediatrician Ernst Moro (1874–1951).[]

  • Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia

    She was extremely hypotonic and moro and tendon reflexes were absent. Breathing was shallow and irregular with periods of müd cyanosis.[]

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