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879 Possible Causes for morse

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  • Influenza

    Saleeby E, Chapman J, Morse J, Bryant A. H1N1 influenza in pregnancy: cause for concern. Obstet Gynecol 2009;114:885–91 .[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Morse . 1993 . Pleurodynia among football players at a high school. An outbreak associated with coxsackievirus Bl . JAMA 270 : 2205 – 2206 . 70. Jackson , G.[]

  • Chikungunya

    The virus tends to burn itself out in a particular community because it strikes so many people so quickly, Morse says.[] There is no vaccine or medication that can change the course of the disease, though patients are given painkillers and told to drink a lot of fluids, Morse says.[] The type of mosquito that has most often spread chikungunya, Aedes aegypti, does not live in the United States, says Stephen Morse , a virologist and professor of epidemiology[]

  • Colchicine

    The total numbers of 1185 molecular descriptors such as GETAWAY, RDF, WHIM and 3D-MoRSE descriptors were derived for proper characterizing the structures of arylthioindoles[]

  • Dirca Palustris

    Leatherwood ID: 0000 1111 2222 2531 [detail] 2016 Keir Morse Dirca palustris Eastern Leatherwood ID: 0000 1111 2222 2532 [detail] 2016 Keir Morse Dirca palustris Eastern[] ID: 0000 1111 2222 2535 [detail] 2016 Keir Morse Dirca palustris Eastern Leatherwood ID: 0000 1111 2222 2536 [detail] 2016 Keir Morse Dirca palustris Eastern Leatherwood[] ID: 0000 1111 2222 2537 [detail] 2016 Keir Morse Dirca palustris Eastern Leatherwood ID: 0000 1111 2222 2538 [detail] 2016 Keir Morse Dirca palustris ID: 0000 0000 0408 1644[]

  • Splenic Artery Aneurysm

    Tonge 3 mentions only 2 survivals after surgery of ruptured splenic-artery aneurysms in pregnancy, whereas Dobson, Morse and Covert 4 have presented . . .[]

  • Tinea Capitis

    It is called Morse code-like hairs (bar code-like hairs).[] Using low magnification ( 30), typical comma hairs, "Morse code-like" hairs, and "zigzag" hairs were observed.[] Kolb-MAourer A. 2016 32 Tinea Capitis: Current Status. ( 27599708 ) Hay R.J. 2016 33 Idiosyncratic Findings in Trichoscopy of Tinea Capitis: Comma, Zigzag Hairs, Corkscrew, and Morse[]

  • Electrical Injury

    Morse, Ph.D. Contact Information: Dr. Michael S. Morse P.O.[] Morse, Ph.D.[] In the article, “Electrical Injury and Electrical Shock,” Michael Morse, PhD, and Jennifer Morse, MD, refer to a low-voltage shock as diffuse electrical injury (also called[]

  • Locked-in Syndrome

    In this study the patient was able to produce written output using a chin-controlled Morse system decoded by a computer.[]

  • Foveal Retinoschisis

    ", keywords "ocriplasmin, X-linked retinoschisis", author "Amar Patel and Morse, {Lawrence S}", year "2015", month "6", day "6", doi "10.1097/ICB.0000000000000151", language[] […] issn "1935-1089", publisher "Lippincott Williams and Wilkins", number "3", } TY - JOUR T1 - Ocriplasmin for foveal schisis in x-linked retinoschisis AU - Patel, Amar AU - Morse[]

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