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3,182 Possible Causes for Motor Symptoms

  • Transient Ischemic Attack

    Ay et al 25 87 Yes 73 (13) 53 36 (41) 74 (85) None Crisostomo et al 7 78 NR 67 (15) 55 16 (21) NR Motor symptoms ( P 0.027), aphasia ( P 0.005), duration 60 min Cucchiara[] Variables With Possible Influence on Diagnostic Accuracy Sex Age, y Risk Factors Diagnostic Confidence* Symptoms Final Diagnosis n M F 70 70 Yes No Certain Probable Motor[] A cohort of people with TIA was recruited within two weeks of symptom onset.[]

  • Parkinson's Disease

    In this revised version the MDS task force decided it was necessary to extend the review to non-motor symptoms.[] Olfactory deficit is considered the most common NMS in PD preceding the motor symptoms for years.[] As the daily lithium dosage was reduced, the patient's motor symptoms improved.[]

  • Bradykinesia

    Usually, neurologists regularly monitor motor symptoms and motor fluctuations using the MDS-UPDRS part III clinical scale.[] This work demonstrates that high-frequency stimulation alone is insufficient to alleviate motor symptoms: DBS must be highly regular.[] No relationship was found between bradykinesia and the sociodemographic variables assessed but this motor symptom was significantly associated with the severity of compulsions[]

  • Young-Onset Parkinson Disease

    Stress and pressure can feedback and worsen symptoms and the motor-symptoms might limit the job choices.[] In the STN group, the improvement of all motor symptoms was very close, or equal, to the best levodopa response. Thus the levodopa test was predictive of outcome.[] A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that caffeine can help restore early motor and nonmotor symptoms tied to Parkinson’s.[]

  • Conversion Disorder

    Applicable To Conversion disorder with abnormal movement Conversion disorder with speech symptoms Conversion disorder with swallowing symptoms Conversion disorder with weakness[] Here we studied patients with such symptoms focusing on motor initiation.[] F40-F48 Anxiety, dissociative, stress-related, somatoform and other nonpsychotic mental disorders › F44- Dissociative and conversion disorders › Conversion disorder with motor[]

  • Common Cold

    Motor vehicle exhaust and chronic respiratory symptoms in children living near freeways.[]

  • Parkinson-Dementia Syndrome

    Turning on the subthalamic nucleus electrodes improved motor symptoms but left cognitive performance almost unchanged.[] RESULTS: Turning on the subthalamic nucleus electrodes improved motor symptoms but left cognitive performance almost unchanged.[] Typical motor symptoms experienced in Stage One include tremors and shaking limbs.[]

  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies

    […] the psychiatric and motor symptoms.[] Regardless of the presence of core features and prodromal non-motor symptoms, this progression is suggested when there are difficulties only in higher-level visual processing[] ZNS may be useful for the treatment of motor symptoms in DLB patients.[]

  • Urinary Tract Disease

    Dizziness Falling These are often the only symptoms that present in the elderly, so it is crucial to keep an eye out for these sudden changes in behavior and mental state[] Indicators of infection in seniors include the following: Confusion or delirium Agitation Hallucinations Other unusual behavioral changes Poor motor skills or loss of coordination[]

  • Constipation

    Compared with 'constipation post-motor sign' group, the patients in 'constipation pre-motor sign' group experienced an older motor symptoms onset age, less serious motor symptoms[] The non-motor symptoms were assessed using the Non-Motor Symptoms Questionnaire and Non-Motor Symptom Scale.[] Also indicated for the short-term treatment of women with IBS in whom constipation is the predominant symptom.[]

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